Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me and Biblical Science

I've had a avid really avid interest in biblical archeology and science from as soon as I learned to high school, I really wanted to become an archeologist but my dad shot that down real fast...sigh...he said I could never make an money at it and insisted I take business classes, hence I took 4 years of typing, book keeping, etc. which are out of date now. How we were to know computers would become household items? and typewriters would become obsolete? I ended up working in retail and retail management for many years before becoming a foster parent and then at home parent. My college degree is in liberal arts, go figure.
Thankfully, the keyboard is just like the old typewriters so I can use that skill..anyway, this post is about archeology, science and not career choices. I encourage the boys to follow their dreams and find jobs that they really love.

Jezebels Seal
new discovery

I have tried to keep up with all the new discoveries over the years and was so delighted when we got the History channel. Unfortunately, there is alot of false information being given out and other information not shared except in technical journals...much of biblical archeology is hidden from the main stream.
I found a great website though, I wanted to share with you if you are interested in science and archeology...its called Evidence for God from Science They always give the latest finds, especially interesting are Old Testament finds as popular thinking says the stories in the Old Testament are myths..(far from the truth by the way.) The above seal is Queen Jezebels, what makes this find exciting is that this is the very first evidence that she actually existed. Its always like popular science to say, because something has yet to be discovered, that its a myth...they said that about Troy until Heinrich Schliemann discovered it...they said that about Jericho until it was discovered(with the walls fallen down flat inward and burned just like the Bible says). Archaeology is
always pushing time back and revealing that the old writers knew what they were talking about.
Every city that the Old Testament speaks about, when the scientists go to the location, they find ruins and signs of life. Many have yet to be excavated.
This site also has many other interesting links, including one called Answers for Atheists which is very good as it deals directly through pure science..pure science and the Bible get along quite well...truth is truth.
We had a nice Halloween evening, and our big bag of candy was all given out...we had just enough with what Don put in...he added two smaller bags so it worked out fine. I usually end up buying too much anyway and eating it which I certainly don't need to do. We had about 50 children and teens who came, the little ones looked so cute in their costumes. One little boy stood out in my mind, he was being carried by his mom, about 3 years old, he had on a pirate costume , his mouth dripping with a sucker he had and a big grin on his little face., he smiled with this goofy sticky smile while wishing us a Happy Halloween, how cute is that?