Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Surprises

We woke up this morning and found out that our son Donny is in the local paper! You can find the story here
these are the two dogs he has adopted and keeps at the shelter..the larger one is Bruno and the smaller one is Lady...
its a nice photo too of Don and we are very proud of him. Whatta go, Donny!
that was a nice surprise..
Not so nice surprise.....
Ant Attack!...they were all over the dry cat food this morning and trails all through the dining and living room....we will have to get some spray I guess, I am not fond of using poisons but this problem has been going on for several weeks and we've tried all the natural means we know of..
today was the worst yet...not fun to make coffee and find ants in your cup...or sit down a drink for a few minutes and come back to a swarm...they haven't gotten into the food cabinets but its only a matter of time...I have everything in Tupperware so there will be slim pickens for them when they make their way into the cabinets. One year they got into the freezer...odd to find tiny frozen ant bodies in there...what were they thinking? Ice skating on the ice cubes? Snow forts in the frost? Snowants instead of snowmen...

Saturday, August 30, 2008


As I came down the hall the other morning, this scene greeted me and I thought I'd share..Bandit is making herself at home, loves to look out this window..outside is the fig tree.
Its grown tremendously this year, it's just 3 years old and is a fast grower..
The two green elephants were brought over from Vietnam when my dad was stationed there..he sent over two sets, I picked the green ones as our house is mainly in greens and my brother got the more colorful set in shades of terra cotta, reds, greens, and browns......the bamboo plant was one of those lucky bamboos...Donny gave me one years ago and it grew too large so I planted it in a pot...its doing well.
I read that McCain chose a running mate, I am not familiar with her but what I read today made me think he made a good choice...she certainly is not one of the "good old boys" and has courage to stand up to them. She also knows that it's like to live as one of the little people, coming from a ordinary working family.
I am not going to say too much about the election as it approaches as there are some who just get nasty and vulgar...I really do not understand that but its the society in which we now find ourselves......I was on the high school debating team and we learned to deal with actual facts not just call each other they even having speech and debating classes anymore? I do not understand the TV debates either, they are not real debates at all...not how I understand debates. I don't like most of the political commercials either for the same reasons...and we just don't watch much news during these times but get our info from online sources, newspapers, etc.
I think both parties need to clean up their own parties and not be slinging mud across the I've been in a few mud fights, everyone gets dirty....
Still haven't been paid much, Alan has gotten calls from more individuals who just bought homes the last few days and some referrals which is always nice....this week was slow as it always is before a big holiday weekend.
Donny has been asked to move out to the rescue as they need someone there at night...they have a little vintage trailer out there he can stay in...its small, has a kitchen, dining area, small bathroom/shower and could be rather cute if it were remodeled....we were telling him there is a movement to fix these little trailers up but he doesn't believe it...he will home several nights a week and bring his laundry home of course...I think it might be good as a first taste of living on his own...he is 20. He gave them terms, said he wanted a raise, internet access and cable TV...they agreed to everything. After Elizabeth passes (she is 89 and the owner) he will inherit the trailer (plus) so any work he does on it will profit him later. I am not sure what kind it is, I only saw it once..we are thinking we will take a look at it..Alan is such a good handyman, he may be able to help make it more comfortable.
Through these all, we look to the Lord for guidance, provision and grace...He is in control and its exciting to see things unfold, not only in our own lives but in these last days.
"Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near. Don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!" James 5:7-9

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Musings

I only rarely speak about political doings on.......I pray and vote as God leads me and check to see if what I vote for is scriptural when at all possible....
when there are two candidates in an important political race, I look at their records and experience to make my judgement, not age, nor race nor personal charisma fact, I really distrust charisma. There is danger in voting in someone only because of their looks and charisma.
Frankly, I am not too happy with either candidate to the highest office this year....I think Obama is all flashy talk and big promises, he is a good man with no experience.....I think McCain is maverick, a war hero, a good man, a little old perhaps, but with loads of experience.

Who will I vote for?
well....I look at it like this...if I were facing a major surgery...a life/death surgery...which surgeon would I choose? A young intern just out of medical school with 143 days of practice, never done major surgery (who by the way, has a very angry stressed out nurse) or a older surgeon close to retirement with 30+ experience who has done many surgeries? (whose nurse was highly skilled and calm)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ebay Thursday - Frstyfrolk Treasures

My friend Cyndi, has a great eBay store....if you have a dog or know someone who does, she has wonderful leashes, collars, etc.....she also stocks all sorts of Coca-Cola collectibles and other cool stuff......her eBay store is called Frstyfrolk New and Vintage Treasures.
she sells the dog related items in honor of their Golden Retriever, Megan sadly who passed away suddenly this past spring...
She also is a blogger and it's By the Light of the Moon, they have a new dog, a Golden Retriever named Emma......who by the way has her own blog.....

I am drawn to her Coca-Cola collectibles would love to show you a photo (they are protected) so you will just have to check them out for yourself. If you see the oval tray with the pretty lady, that is my favorite...
I thought every Thursday I will highlight one of my friends Ebay store or auctions...I no longer sell on Ebay, do buy occasionally, we got a really good deal (we hope, haven't got it yet) of a cat Furminator deshedding brush for Bandit...its supposed to be very good, Donny uses them at the pet rescue so we will see....they are usually over $30 at the pet stores and we won one on Ebay for $20 including shipping.
This is a stock photo, when we do the deed with Bandit we will let you know..she sheds quite a bit, she might weigh less...I keep telling Matt," she's not fat... she's fluffy."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

I decided to feature this little guy...he is the same dog that Donny brought home yesterday that was being bottle fed...the rescue is calling him Benji...he needs a home so badly and so darling I don't think he will be there long..if we had not already just adopted Bandit, I would have really liked to have kept this little I said yesterday, he is a toy poodle/chihuahua mix so will be under 10 lbs when full grown. If you live in the Southern Californian area, and are looking for a small dog to love, Benji might be for will find Benji at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
just click for further details, adoption fees, the phone number, etc. They are the only nokill shelter in the Menifee Valley area, donations can be made through Paypal.
Bandit's vet visit was a complete success..she was a good patient, didn't get upset going into the vet's office and cooperated with the doctor...I say this thankfully as the other cat we have is a wild thing and its almost impossible without sedation to get him into the vets.. Bandit is completely healthy and the vet wasn't too alarmed about her weight, she weighs 10 lbs.9 oz.
She's up to date on her shots so we don't need to go back for until next February. She also was tested for feline leukemia and is perfectly healthy. No fleas either!
The Ramona humane society is where we got her, they are a good group and do their best to make sure every animal is given the best opportunity to get a forever home but there are so many. Bandit was there for almost 6 months. and yes, they do put animals to sleep there, but its done reluctantly. We are so glad that they wait for a considerable time for most pets..this is their website, Ramona Humane Society
On another note, Cora from Hidden Riches in Secret Places
is having her second chemo treatment today so please please keep her in prayer...she was very tired and discouraged yesterday....if you can, please leave an encouraging comment on her blog too...this cancer journey is rough.
I have two good videos on my crafting blog today so hope you will head on over there after here.....I am not getting many hits and hope you remember to check it out too....
China Lake Needlework/Crafting Newsletter

Monday, August 25, 2008

Further Pet Aventures

Donny brought home this tiny puppy today...he is very young and should still be with his mother but somehow found his way to the rescue....Donny is bottle feeding him and he will go back to the rescue tomorrow...there is no one there at night to bottle feed him and he didn't want to leave him...the puppy is half Chihuahua and half toy poodle so he will be tiny when full grown.
I was just noticing that the last few posts have all been about animals! Just what we are going through right now I guess....
we got Boots ashes back and they packaged them so nicely, they even took a paw print for us in plaster...

I am planning on framing a photo of Boots and attaching the pawprint to it somehow...
We are discovering Bandit is quite the Diva.....she has Smoky a little buffaloed and sits on the back of the sofa like Queen of All She Surveys...she will let you pet her for a time, then lets you know that the Queen no longer needs your service...LOL...
I made an appointment at the vet for a checkup for her tomorrow....we get one free checkup visit so why not take advantage?
Another hot far the lettuce seedlings are holding their own....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We called yesterday to the shelter and they said our kitty was at the Pet Smart so we dropped by there and well, you can see the outcome! Isn't she pretty? At first, Alan wanted to call her Oreo, but after bringing her home, decided on Bandit as she has a little mask over her eyes like Zorro...she hid under a chest we have in the living room most of the afternoon yesterday but is coming out today more and more...Alan just loves her and keeps her on his lap as much as possible...our other cat hissed and wasn't too happy but is tolerating her...I think he will be OK in a day or two. She looks like she must have had an accident with her tail at sometime as its crooked and short...maybe slammed in a door? Ouch!

We were happy to see several dogs were being adopted also, at least 4 while we were there...
the lady said they were getting so many pets coming in that had to be given up because of the foreclosure crisis.....good to see them going to good homes.
We were able to pay all our bills, thank the Lord....just barely made it but we did it...we will have about a weeks grace and then it will start again for September...Alan had meetings this past week with the company who owes us so much...they are getting a new accounting system in and promised they will get in the black with us soon. They were rather shocked when they saw all the previous invoices and realized they owed so much!
It was very warm today, 103...I just checked outside and my little tiny lettuce seedlings were all wilted, I watered and hope they survive but I was taking a chance planting them now...we've had a cool few days so I guess I was hoping it would continue. They are in complete shade but its still warm.
Alan has some good stuff on his blog today, so please check it out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Alan says he wants to pick out our next kitty...we had Boots for 9 years. The boys and I picked him out so I guess its his turn....he saw this beauty online at the humane society and liked her...he likes long hair cats, a little more work keeping her groomed. Not sure if she is the one for us, they have so many cats, it will be hard to choose, and I think its better if the cat chooses you. The good thing is that all the cats have been spayed or neutered, had their shots and are checked out by the vet. They only charge a small fee to cover the vet bills so its a good deal and we will be saving a kitty from a bad end.
Smoky has been lonely, he keeps looking for Boots, checking out his favorite places every day...he is sleeping alot more too and know he's feeling the loss..they were best buddies and often slept together, groomed each other and watched out the windows together. It will take a few days to get used to a different cat but with patience I think he will do just fine...we will keep them separate until the right time.
Our weather has been cooling down...its in the high 80s, and feels like fall...I have been doing some gardening, lots of weeds to the main lawn done and the rose garden..just have to do the upper terraced levels of the retaining wall...Matt mowed the lawn and looks really nice...the photo I posted yesterday with our little charge shows the lawn...I hope fall comes looking forward to cooler weather, aren't you?
Alan was driving to San Diego yesterday and a huge something hit the front of our car...he doesn't know what it was, says it looked like a car bumper almost but it sure made a mess out of the drivers side fender and front bumper when it hit...we are thankful it didn't hit the windshield as Alan would have been hurt...our insurance will cover most of the damage..we just have to pay a small tomorrow I will take the car to the body shop in Lake Elsinore.
Speaking of insurance, we've been blest with the best insurance man in the world...our world anyway, Rich has been our insurance man since we were married...37 years and will probably retire one of these days.....we also have the greatest insurance, Allstate, they've been there for us every time and I can't say enough good stuff about them. We have our homeowners insurance with them too, including earthquake insurance. Donny is with Allstate too under his own plan not ours and they don't rake up high prices because of his age (20).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matt is pet sitting this adorable little Yorkshire Terrier puppy...isn't he cute? He probably only weighs a lb or two....loves to run and play and so far is very quiet...Matt's been having alot of fun with him...while he was sleeping, Matt put his hair into a mohawk...his name is Gizmo...he is already potty trained too...
He loves the backyard and was running all over exploring..must have seemed like a huge park for him as he's so small....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing Bobo, an Australian Shepherd mix...he is only a year old, still a puppy in some ways and loves kids...his owners had to give him up as they moved and then new place wouldn't allow dogs...Australian shepherds are great dogs, and his coloring is typical of the breed. They are also
known for their blue eyes...he's an active intelligent dog who with the right training would be a great working dog and family pet.
Bobo can be found at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
We are missing our Boots, especially me as he always used to sit by the computer when I typed..Matt put a wallpaper on my computer of Boots so he is with me in spirit on the computer....we are comforted knowing he is out of suffering and in the arms of our Lord...before he went, I told him to curl around Jesus's feet
Last night, Donny came home with carne asada, tortillas, tomatoes, guacamole...I had some refried beans and shredded some cheese so we had a feast...Matt grilled the beef so I didn't have much to we have great kids or what?

Monday, August 18, 2008


Boots has been going steadily downhill last week and over the weekend...lost a lot of weight...we don't think its fair for him to suffer anymore from this illness ..Alan and Donny took him to the vet this morning so they will probably put him out of his suffering...I was going to go but got too emotional.
Over the weekend, we let him go outside on the patio and he
laid out on the grass, so thin and wobbly, he enjoyed the feel of the grass, the wind, the warm sun and he watched the birds.
Goodbye, sweet Bootsey...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good morning! I just wanted to announce I reopened my Etsy shop and am stocking it with all sorts of embroidery, cross stitch, crafting pamphlets and books....the button is on the left hand side.
I really like Etsy and if you haven't checked out all the handmade items there, you are in for a treat...with the holidays fast approaching, the state of our economy, and other factors (cheaply made foreign goods), it makes sense to shop handmade here in the states. When I am in a shopping frame of mind, I like to go on Etsy and stroll through the various shops...better than going to the mall, wasting time and gas..I've never been disappointed and only wish I had more funds.
Please check out my other blog also...if you like to embroidery or cross stitch, I am really trying to make it a fun site....I have photos of my latest work, videos,store and crafting news..lots of links for free patterns too...just click on the traveling shoes on the left...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Short garden tour

This is the only rose bush that is blooming right now..these soft pink roses have a pleasant scent as the breeze flows through the long as I deadhead it, more and more roses come...evidently its located where the heat doesn't bother it as much as the other roses....
we have the strawberry plants under shade cloth and surprised they are still producing....
this is their first year and we are encouraging them to spread more than anything...I took this photo yesterday. That's about all that is going on in the garden, everything else is in flux with this looking forward to the fall...
There is a big discussion on Menifee 24/7 about prayer before the City Council meetings and I made a comment on that posting...if you are visiting from that site, please go down on the left of the blog, to the historical list and check out Wall Builders, after reading the quotes from many of the Founding Fathers, I am convinced they were mainly committed Christians and not deists as is thought today...I only have their words to go by but knowing a little bit of history has convinced me. There are tons of documents that support this and are little known by most people. There is a link with a list of those documents. Our school system does not teach this type of history so its not altogether your fault....unless you know where to look and just listen to the talking heads, you'd have no idea...
When I was little and entering kindergarten, we had prayer before school started and when we had our snack...I remember being really impressed by that. The prayer seemed to settle us all down. I don't remember our teacher having to spend most of her time disciplining unruly children....
Extremists have gotten so much press, some people are under the impression that all Christians are snake handling, floor rolling, wackos...not true at all, most of us lead quiet lives, doing good and trying to "be at peace with all men". We are the ones when trouble comes, who pack our cars with supplies and drive hundreds of miles to help those in need...after Katrina, hundreds of churches, families and individuals did exactly that. and the first rescue group on the scene was The Salvation Army and believe me, everyone was so happy to see them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This beautiful lamp was styled, designed and made by my new friend, Julie....isn't this lovely? She has just put posted this and I wanted to share.
Here is the link so you can drool a little more, Julies Prim Antiques
I so admire artists that can do this kind of wonderful work, this is a one of a kind piece that could a real heirloom. In my other blog, I have touched on Victorian decorating and last week had a video on just that subject....the crocheted doily isn't too shabby either, is it? She also has a Duncan Phyfe sofa for sale too.
Our weather is cooling down a bit and is a little humid too...they are saying rain in the mountains...we could use some of the wet stuff here.

The fig tree has so much ripening fruit, we've been giving figs away to the neighbors and eating as many as we can. Does anyone have any fresh fig recipes? I made some pie crust and tried a fig turnover type thing with it, but the dough was too crumbly for easy eating...Alan is in the van so much during the day, I wanted to make something he could just unwrap and eat....any suggestions? I made a good fig filling, using chopped fresh figs, nuts, and splenda, cooking it down which is tasty...just need to figure out what kind of dough would work well...I'd like to make him something like a welsh pasty too, we bought those when we visited England...they were so good.
I've been working on baby hanger covers and have 3 made...have to wash them and then I will post a photo on the other blog as its my embroidery one....if you'd like to see full size one that I've already finished, its here

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

This is Max, a purebred American bull dog puppy..he is about 3 months old and a happy guy...he is growing fast and will be about 75-80 lbs when full grown so needs a big yard or lots of walking.
American bulldogs have much the same temperment as their English cousins...loyal to their families, stubborn, and a little silly sometimes, at least the one we had growing up was but so loveable...Max was given up as his family was moving and they couldn't take him with them.
If you get the Animal Planet, and haven't watched the TV show, "Its either Me or the Dog", please check it out...Victoria Stilwell is the trainer and much of what she says makes sense. Depending on where you are, you may find this show on another station, you can also find episodes on YouTube
she does have her detractors, but all in all, she is good....depends on what type of dog training method you go by....the Dog whisperer, Cesar Millan is good too
which is on the National Geographic channel and there are episodes here on YouTube
I think you can get good information from both trainers and if I had a dog that I was training, I would watch both.
if you are interested in Max or any of his friends at the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue, you can find out more by clicking. This rescue is the only nokill rescue in the Menifee/Temecula valley, donations are gratefully accepted and are tax can donate through Paypal on the website...thanks for all that are helping, last month they were able to get needed vet care and supplies through Paypal donations alone...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another good Giveaway

Debbi, from All in my Cottage is having a giveaway of this sweet teacup pin cushion, I am so liking this, would look good on our dresser...our bedroom is blue and white but I've been sneaking in some pink....she has an etsy shop too so have fun on her site.....I like to let everyone know about these giveaways, especially such nice ones as this,,,

Introducing Vintage Something Old, Something New

Hi, I wanted to introduce you to Primitively Yours, Jeccica has the cutest and nicest vintage items for any card or crafting needs you may have....she used to sell on Ebay and now is on Vintage Something Old, Something New
She has some things in her store and also has primitive labels, vintage holiday collage sheets, and other good stuff by direct order.
She has done all my address labels and business cards for me for several years, plus I have ordered from her for my Christmas card making, she always has fast shipping plus now can email you directly with her products....+ and here is the best part...her things are quite reasonably priced. What is not to like? So please check her store out...(she also has cute baby onsies for that special grand baby).
I got all my files cleaned out and organized...what a difference! Took quite few hours to do but worth it....Got rid of alot of old useless stuff too, so the computer is happy....
Alan has to go to the San Diego area today for several locksmith jobs....we won't get paid for them until the 15th but that is not too far off...he did get paid yesterday for some old jobs, but its not enough to make our mortgage payment and its going to be late...hard times....I've had to really deal with this as I feel helpless sometimes and that's not a good feeling....I've struggled with the Lord and know He is in control....whatever happens, we know we've done our best and the rest is up to God...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Today I've been organizing my computer....deleting old files, making some new ones, putting things in the right files...seems like I spend half my time trying to find that one graphic or label or photo...wondering where I filed it, etc. Decided it was time to clean the computer and organize.
Found some things I had forgotten all about, like this Good Housekeeping ad...cute, huh?
I think when I get done, it will save me time when I am blogging or in my groups...

Its getting a little cooler in the evenings...previews of the fall just ahead.....the Old Prairie Register
has their news letter out with lots of good fall ideas in it so click and enjoy.....
Well, better get back to organizing...didn't realize how much stuff is in this computer, no wonder it was running slow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Lisa from Black Sheep Prims is having a Back to School giveaway...she's giving away some homemade laundry soap, a laundry shelf sitter, a bowl with grungy clothespins, and a vintage get over there and sign up! Here's the link, Black Sheep Prims Homeplace

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Random Thoughts

My son took Boots into the vet this morning...he had been drinking water like crazy and seemed like he had lost weight....the vet checked him out and said he was ok....but had lost about .8 of a lb.....but looked good, bright eyes and smooth coat....
I've been asked if I think beloved pets go to heaven, there really isn't anything in the scripture one way or another on that subject...but as I know heaven is a wonderful place of joy, I really don't see why not....our pets bring us such joy and companionship in this world, I think they will again in the fact, I believe we will enjoy the companionship of many other animals also....."the lion will lie down with the lamb," but this will be on the new earth that the scriptures talk about where God will live among us as He intended at creation...
I once was talking with a fellow that came to the door giving out pamphlets, you know what I mean...he was talking about the new heaven and the new earth....and I asked, " will Jesus be on the new earth, will God be there?" he said, no...and I replied, I want to be where Jesus is, at his feet, anywhere else wouldn't be right" he couldn't answer me.

Its been very hot the last few days...Alan has been working quite a bit..he is gone today to do some handyman work at a rental property....Matt did his lawn mowing early this morning before the heat set in, and Donny has the weekend off....after he took Boots to the vet, he's going to enjoy himself this weekend and rest up...he works very hard at the dog rescue...its on about 3 acres of land and there is always heavy work, besides taking care of the dogs needs, he repairs fencing, takes care of the garden areas, does the website, answers the phone, goes out on dog rescue calls, and sometimes takes dogs to various retail locations on Saturdays. But not this Saturday.... the owner, Elizabeth has been ill with stomach problems and unable to help much as she is getting on in years...she is almost 89...
I don't think I've posted a photo of Donny, Matt's gotten in several times...
He's standing by Ford truck he bought and paid for....its old but dependable..
hope everyone is having a great weekend...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Inspiration

Friday....8-8-08....many marriages today all over the world as this is supposedly a lucky day...
Eccleiastes 4:12 "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken"...a marriage doesn't need luck..a marriage needs Jesus!
Our life together has had lots of twists and turns, stresses and joys, sorrows and happiness, wealth and poverty....Jesus has held our marriage together for 35 years as that third cord.
There is so much apostasy in the Church many delight in hearing teaching that
"tickles the ears" many don't read or understand the scripture or know who Jesus is..all of this was foretold long ago...
Get back to basics, get back to scripture, forget the latest self help books, forget the "great teachers", get back to the Bible.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Road Trip

Alan got an re key order on Tuesday for a foreclosed house in Adelanto, Ca which is outside of Victorville, in the high desert....its a over 70 mile trip one way so I decided to tag along...I was telling Alan, when my dad was stationed in Barstow, it was the big city of the high desert and Victorville was its just the opposite...another town up there called Hesperia, was just a one street with 800 now it has over 30,000...I have a lot of happy memories of the high desert.
The main way to get there is through this pass, The Tejon pass....the interstate through these mountains which are quite dramatic. When we lived up there, we went on the old 395 highway, this 215 wasn't built.

It didn't seem to hot until we got above the pass and hit the desert heat.....I am not sure how hot it was but I know it was over 100 or so...
There was a large dirt bike course on the way to Adelanto, I am glad to see they are containing the dirt you can see, their trails really tear up the desert floor and the desert has a hard time to recover from the carnage.
We were delighted to stop at a Rubios for fish tacos...they are so so good...we used to get them quite often when we lived in Vista but there are no Rubios where we live now, it was a treat. We each ordered two fish tacos.....yummy! It comes with shredded cabbage and a great white sauce..

We made our way to the house and re keyed it....
As everywhere else, the housing slump has hit the desert too...this house was on a corner intersection and out of the other 3 houses on the corners, two were foreclosures.
afterwards we stopped to admire a Joshua tree, they are all over the high desert...this one was blooming and Alan is holding some of the seed pods and blooms..

We got down the mountain, when Alan realized he didn't have his Blue back up we went,praying and speculating on where it would had been in his shirt pocket...we drove into the driveway of the house, there glinting in the sunlight was the blue tooth on the driveway...we were both thanking the Lord and we rewarded ourselves by a stop at the ice cream shop before we went the California has outlawed using cell phones in the car, a Blue Tooth is a necessity.
I noticed no one has commented on Beauty....I understand..she is very unusual and not exactly cute...weird is more the word...but I guarantee you would get a lot of comments when you walked her (with sun block) and her sweet personality makes up for her looks....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Today's rescued dog is very rare and unusual....if you've never seen a Chinese Crested dog, they can be somewhat of a shock.....they are basically without hair on much of their bodies, with some hair on their heads.
I looked up this breed and here is what was said about their temperament:
Chinese crested are sweet, lively and playful. They are exceptionally loving and like to hug and smile.Affectionate with children. But children need to be taught to be careful as they don't have hair to protect them like most dogs.They are an intelligent companion and very alert. They are not barkers. They tend to get very attached to their owners and have difficult adjusting to a new one. They crave constant companionship.
There are two types, Chinese Crested and Powderpuff Chinese Crested.....
Introducing to you, Beauty, a Powderpuff Chinese Crested who was found wandering in the construction zone of our new large marketplace center here in Menifee which will open in late September. and no, her eyes are not yellow, that is just a flash reflection...she is tiny, only weighs about 8 lbs.

Donny says she is one of the sweetest of the dogs that have been rescued and wants to sit in your lap constantly....the vet gave her a clean bill of health....they are very clean and have no doggy smell or are troubled by fleas, great for someone with allergies....they do tend to lose their teeth at a young age for some reason...and I know, she probably would be in running in an ugly dog contest but her personality would make up for her looks.
You can find Beauty at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue at 951 679-6444

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Campbells soup ad has a lot of wisdom in it as well as advertising their soup..."Self-denial, to be effective, must be coupled with wisdom and practical sense"...this was a 1918 ad, a year before my mother was born....notice the soup goes for .12 cents a can.....if you click on the ad, you
can read the text.
I see several of my blogging friends are doing home improvements....I think this is so great...
Linda (Living in Buhl-a-Land) and her husband are doing money saving improvements and have added solar screens to their windows....I had never heard of these and Alan just looked into
them as we have a southeast facing window that morning heat really wrecks havoc in our living room...this might be something we want to do...I know the shade cloth we have put over our patio cover has reduced the heat on the patio by 15% and its quite noticeable when you are under it. We planted our fig tree outside that window,
hoping it will eventually shade that side of the house but as fast as it's growing , it will still be at least another few years before it really will be effective.
Katy, (Country Blossum) and her family are putting new siding on their house and they painted their front door a pretty green....and she has made her front room, porch area a schoolroom as she is planning on homeschooling her children....I love green doors as you know and it makes such a huge difference for little effort. I really like how she has decorated it too with the country stars....
If you've done a home improvement project, let me know and I will mention it here.
Does anyone like primitive embroidery? Aunt Martha's has come out with several new primitive embroidery transfers....if I get enough interest, I will order some for the store....inquiring minds want to know...they are very prim and have cute sayings, would make really nice pillowcases for the prim home....please comment if you are interested.
Tomorrow will be Pet of the Week...and this one little girl will be a real surprise if you've never seen one before, rare, unusual sure to check in tomorrow....something special.

Monday, August 4, 2008

This being the dog days of summer, I thought I'd post some vintage ads....I don't have very many but think you will enjoy these.....I sold quite a few at one time on Etsy and Ebay, just have a few left...these were taken from vintage magazines.
Our weather is warm but not as hot as usual for this time of the 90s....and its actually supposed to have some rain.....our poor plants in the garden don't look too well, and the past heat has been very hard on them....this fall, we will have to spruce things up a bit and get our square ft. gardening boxes ready to plant......I think I will plant some turnips as I love to eat them raw as a snack...and Donny wants me to grow green chili's but that may wait until spring.......we can grow vegetables all year round in the boxes. Our tomato plants that we have in a oak barrel on the patio look like they are about spent.....I am thinking of planting some potatoes in the barrel nice to have some little baby ones for thanksgiving.
I am having a special for the last days of the Christmas in July one pamphlet get one free......the sale ends on August 6th.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday - Just a Note

I sometimes post on my other blog, like today, so please take a look over here
I posted about my experiences cleaning vintage linens, and some cleaning linen recipes. These would should work for any dingy whites, regardless of age.

Solange from Brazil, has tagged me in Portugese and as near as I can understand through the translator....I am supposed to post one of my strengths and one weakness + tag 7 others..
My main strength.....I think it is probably the gift of encouragement...I always seem to find the good in any situation and my weakness I think the thing that hurts me the most is my distaste to exercise....I used to walk every day but fell and badly hurt myself...haven't really gotten back into it and I know I've suffered for it, I think its fear and that is not a good thing.
well, now I am supposed to tag others:
Paula from the Fraker Farm
Cora from Hidden Riches from Secret Places
Linda from Living in Buhl-a-land
Lea from Farmhouse Blessings
Kay from Mused News
Judy from Judy's Postcards Plus
and last but certainly not least
Vic from 2 Much Farm Primitives
well, there ya go, Solange.....a tag all the way from Beautiful Brazil!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Not a whole lot going on today.....its a lovely morning here, cooler than normal for July which we appreciate, I plan on going through my linens and taking a few photos of some of the collection for my other blog...I also posted a neat video there yesterday on collecting Victorian linens so please take a look at The China Lake Newsletter
it was put out by the Victoriana online magazine........every Thursday will be video day at the Newsletter.....
I've got the redwork quilt almost all quilted...just a little left to do....some tweaking, and then I will put the border on time, I think I will find a better quilting frame, it was a little difficult with the large kept slipping.
Pickens are slim and our cupboards are getting bare....Alan worked so hard this July and made quite a good amount of money, sent out invoices and no one, no one has paid us....he was on the phone yesterday with all the real estate companies...please pray that the Lord will open the floodgates as like everyone else, we have bills,and a bad habit of eating.
A new direction has opened up where the one section of two of the real estate companies he works for do property management and they need a handyman to do minor repairs....this pays right away....he will still do the locksmithing of course. He did one job yesterday, hanging some window blinds for a rental house.
Alan works so hard and has always been a good provider, he's been a good example for our sons too, and I am blessed to have such a strong Christian man as a husband...both the boys follow in their dad's footsteps as far as working hard...if you've never read his blog, its at Purple Mountain Majesty
he's really down to earth and puts photos that he has taken of our area....the banner photo is one he took when we visited Yellowstone.