Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I saw this on Facebook and knew someone reading this post today needed some encouragement. No matter what the media says, times are still tough for alot of us.

Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Friday

A good friend sent me this..very punny! I thought I'd share a few things that have been sent to me or I found on Facebook..Have a fun day!

Does this happen to you?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Chat

If you entered my giveaway last month, our winner was Judy Mc Garry and her card is on its way to her as I post this. If you didn't win, another giveaway will be starting by tomorrow.

We are continuing to do spring cleaning and I have my mind planning re arranging the living room furniture. It will depend on if I can the male members of the family engaged as the pieces are too heavy for me to move myself. Our youngest son is moving back in and will be bringing us a nice sectional sofa which is in better condition than the ones we're using now. Our leather sofa we had was destroyed in our house fire so we've been using cast offs. He has a nice glass table too with chairs which  we may put on our patio as we could use more seating out there. It has a black wrought iron frame so would be ok, I think.

We've had rain this week which is always a blessing. Mostly raining at night and the garden is doing very well indeed. The plants seem to do so much better with natural rain. Our peas are up and taking off and I plan on planting the zucchini next before it gets too hot.

  It rained so much, it flooded the patio as you can see.

      The iris are blooming!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Awesome and Spring Cleaning

I've been busy, doing spring cleaning. I just washed walls in the hallway and living room. Wow, what a job! The best cleaner I've found is also the cheapest, Awesome degreaser which you can get at the dollar stores. I just spray it on, let it sit a minute or so and then do a little scrubbing. It got off all the dirty finger marks, food, etc. Jayden likes to throw his food sometimes, something we're all trying to teach  him not to but for two year olds, its taking time. He's not allowed to eat much in the living room, mainly drinks but accidents happen. Plus he got  a blue marker and crayons which made a mess on several walls. The Awesome got that off easily. The only thing it didn't get off were black scuff marks from shoes near the baseboards but the Mr. Clean eraser should take care of those.

Its great stuff and works on so many things. I also use it to put on greasy spots on clothes. I just did a google search and found it listed on ebay for big bucks which surprised me as we buy 6 or 7 at a time at the Dollar Tree..which blesses my frugal heart.

Meanwhile, while I was washing inside, Alan was pulling weeds outside. Our lawn is looking so nice now, like a park. 

The potatoes are flourishing, the cherry tomatoes we planted about 3 weeks ago are blooming too!

Just a few more days until my giveaway is over, still time to sign up!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Goodies


When I was a teen, I adored chocolate and ate way too much. Over time, there are only about two things in chocolate, I get a hankering for at times, Snickers and also Rocky Road bars. There is something so good about marshmallow and chocolate together. Seeing these chocolate dipped Peeps really seemed yummy to me. Peeps by themselves, not so much although my youngest son loves them.
Rather than copying out the recipe here, I'll just give you the link. I found this on Pinterest and its from  Tastes Better From Scratch  I know the grandchildren and also the young adults will love these. I might sneak one or two myself!
Nancy Huggins sent me a complete gingerbread house kit some time ago and with everything else, I haven't put it together but think I will for Easter. I'm getting some inspiration again from Pinterest.

                          Don't know if ours will look as nice as these, but it will be fun to try!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More on Light bulbs.

Evidently my post about light bulbs struck a nerve as I got alot of comments. I do hope the LED bulbs we bought will be good ones but like most of you, I think the CFL bulbs are scary. I got this off the EPA website on how to dispose of them if they get broken.

Before Cleanup

  • Have people and pets leave the room.
  • Air out the room for 5-10 minutes by opening a window or door to the outdoor environment. 
  • Shut off the central forced air heating/air-conditioning system, if you have one.
  • Collect materials needed to clean up broken bulb:
    • stiff paper or cardboard;
    • sticky tape;
    • damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes (for hard surfaces); and
    • a glass jar with a metal lid or a sealable  plastic bag.

    During Cleanup

  • DO NOT VACUUM.  Vacuuming is not recommended unless broken glass remains after all other cleanup steps have been taken.  Vacuuming could spread mercury-containing powder or mercury vapor.
  • Be thorough in collecting broken glass and visible powder.  Scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard.  Use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to pick up any remaining small glass fragments and powder. Place the used tape in the glass jar or plastic bag.  See the detailed cleanup instructions for more information, and for differences in cleaning up hard surfaces versus carpeting or rugs.
  • Place cleanup materials in a sealable container.

    After Cleanup

  • Promptly place all bulb debris and cleanup materials, including vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container or protected area until materials can be disposed of.  Avoid leaving any bulb fragments or cleanup materials indoors. 
  • Next, check with your local government about disposal requirements in your area, because some localities require fluorescent bulbs (broken or unbroken) be taken to a local recycling center. If there is no such requirement in your area, you can dispose of the materials with your household trash.
  • If practical, continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the heating/air conditioning system shut off for several hours.
    Can you imagine anything more irritating than going through this procedure over a light bulb?
    We're talking light bulbs here!

Last Week to Enter

Hi, just a quick note today,,,You have just one week left and I'll be picking the still have time to enter so its not too late...only 8 signed up so your chances of winning are good! I will be having another giveaway for April so don't give up if you don't win this time. I'm stitching a very cute panda card for the April giveaway. Please enter on the left hand of this blog! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lightbulbs and Thomas Edison

The last year or so we've both noticed that our incandescent light bulbs burn out at an alarming rate. We have a hallway with two ceiling lights and they burn out about every two months or so. The lamps in our living room burn out at even an faster rate. This last week all of the lights, including our porch light burned out at the same time! I found a small 40 watt bulb in a bedroom lamp which I used so we could see in the living room but it was time to go to the big box store for a light bulb run. I suspect a plan to nudge us all into the more "environmentally" correct bulbs, don't you?

The store has an entire section just for light bulbs. There are incandescent, LED, CFL and more which can be very confusing to say the least. The clerk was somewhat helpful but it took us quite a while to figure out what we needed. We ended up getting LED which are supposed to be 85% more energy saving and last 25x longer than regular bulbs. I'm very skeptical but we're giving them a chance. We kept all the packaging and wrote on each container the date when we bought them. Time will tell.

I think Edison would be thrilled with the innovation of his invention. Having read quite a bit about him, he was always pushing the envelope and improving his creations. He was an amazing person and some of his quotes are worth repeating.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

" I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work."

" Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to doesn’t mean it’s useless." (so true!)

"What you are will show in what you do."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring and Emma's birthday!

Spring has sprung here. Its been in the high 70s all week and everything is blooming outside. Our nectarine tree and the strawberry beds. I hope we can have a home grown  strawberry pie this year but have my doubts as both the dogs jump into the beds and eat them. We've put up barriers so hope they work!
Yesterday we put in marigolds throughout the planted beds. The potato bed is really growing so we hope the flowers will keep the potato worms away. Nasty things.
This week we celebrated Emma's first birthday. It was celebrated at Chucky Cheese.. There were about 30 of the family there, mostly from her mamas side.

The restaurant was very noisy but Emma took it all in style. Here she is with the bib that Nancy Huggins sent her. She ate pizza and a birthday cupcake. She really loves cheese pizza!