Friday, July 21, 2017

A Doll Buggy and More

I also inherited my mama's doll buggy. She had stored it out in a shed so it was rather dirty when we brought it home. But it is in very good condition. Even the tires have their original rubber on them.We did paint it as the white paint that it originally had yellowed considerably. This is probably as old as Rosemary. Mom was born in 1919. So this is from the 1920s also.
I've always liked it and thought of many ways to use it as a display piece. Not only for a doll, but it would be darling sitting next to a fireplace filled with wrapped Christmas gifts or greenery.

I cherish both Rosemary and this doll buggy. I hope to pass them on one day who will cherish them as much as I do.
Mama told me once she had a tiny iron toy stove too. A toy that she took out into the yard and actually cooked on. I've seen these on Ebay but never had one.

Here is a picture of one I found online
I have found a couple of the accessories for such a stove...a coal shuttle and a cooking pot.

                The cooking pot is a "spider" with legs on it.

As I said before, you can find them on is a link for such a listing...Cresent Stove-Toy

In my next post, I'll share the quilts I also inherited...from the 1920s and 30s.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Meet Rosemary, 96 years old!

Rosemary is 96 years old, almost 100! She was my mothers doll in the 1920s. She's a big girl, and does need to go the doll hospital but so precious. My dear mama had her at the doll hospital in the 60s and she was beautiful when she returned but needs to go again.

I am wondering just what kind of doll she is, she's not composition. I think she's either papermache or wood based. Her body is stuffed with straw and she even is wearing her 1920s underwear!

The underwear shirt still has all its buttons and her underpants have lost their elastic but still fit. She has her old slip too. The dress was from the hospital visit, 1960s.

I like her pudgy legs...

so if you're reading this and can identify her for me, I would be so grateful! She has no marks that I can see, either on her body, neck or head.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Spanish Rice

This Spanish Rice dish, ala 1950s, was made using the recipe for the Tomato Relish on my cooking  
Having this relish in the freezer, you have a really easy way to make the classic Spanish Rice meal.
Simply brown hamburger and add the relish, it already has tomatoes, onion, and peppers in it. Then add your cooked rice, mix well, top with grated cheese, and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes. The relish has a wonderful tang which really makes this casserole good.
I canned about 12 pints and 6 qts. of this last year and its all gone now. I used the last  jar in this last night.
The recipe for the relish was published in the Oceanside Blade newspaper back in the 70s and was very popular. They had a food editor that always had the greatest recipes! 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Amish Cookbook, Wonderful Good Cooking!

 Soon after we were married in the 1970s, we made a road trip back to Iowa to visit my husband's family. As a California girl, I'd never  been to the Midwest. My family were all located in Washington State so when we did take a trip, it was up and down the west coast.

I was  amazed (and still am) what a wonderful country we live in. Traveling by car in those times was an truly awesome experience. The big interstates hadn't been built yet so there was alot of highways and little towns to go through. Gas was cheap then and hotels just as cheap. Hotel 6 was just that, you could get a hotel room for that price. And it was a decent room.

I think looking back, my main impression was one of green, brilliant green going into Iowa.. Also flat plains, I kept looking in the distance for mountains or hills. That's all I knew and I missed seeing them.
Alan's family were so warm and welcoming to this California native. He has a big family with 9 brothers and sisters so his parents little house was always full of laughter and good times. At that time, his youngest siblings were still living at home and in high school. His mom and dad were the sweetest people and I fell in love with the entire family.

Alan showed me around the small town of Independence. Population 5,000. We walked downtown along the storefronts and the old buildings.
Then we drove out the Amish farms and enjoyed the little shops they had set up on them. In one of them, I bought this cookbook.

 This one has alot of photos, how they got them, I have no idea as the Amish don't like to have their pictures taken. 

                        I even still have the receipt from the purchase!

Here are a few of the recipes, enjoy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Coastal Cookery Cookbook

 This is another of my mama's cookbooks. Coastal Cookery, 1947. I'm not sure who published it but it does have a map on the inside...I believe it was given to her when my dad was stationed in North Carolina at Camp LaJune after WWII. Mom worked in the Hospitality House.

         It also says this is the fourth edition so there must be more of these around.

What is interesting is that all the recipes are in the original writing of the contributors. Young people wouldn't be able to read these if they didn't know cursive writing.

There are even recipes for wild game which must have been common then, perhaps?

                    If you click on the photo, it will get larger if you want the actual recipe.
         I have a Amish cookbook also I will share soon.

 I didn't do a post yesterday because my husband had oral surgery. Two teeth had to be pulled and it was rough for him. The bottom tooth was hooked to the bone and took quite a time to get out. His poor gums are black and blue. The tooth broke out in pieces. Then we had had to wait at the pharmacy for a long time as they were so busy. I wanted to  get his pain meds before the Novocain wore off. He's feeling better today and is taking a nap right now as I type this. 

Monday, July 10, 2017


I've been thinking of making a separate blog on cooking. I've inherited tons of good recipes, many of them from the 1930s through 1990s. Basic cooking is always a good thing to know, especially as food prices have risen so much. Its so much cheaper and better (more healthy too!) to cook at home.

I did publish many good recipes here on this blog. Once a week, I did a Grandmas Recipe Box post.

My family  is a family of good cooks. My maternal grandfather had his own bakery back in the 1930s during the Depression and Grandma always made everything from scratch. They also had a big garden, canned and stored food too.  No one went without during this time in our family. They traveled to Montana to the other family farms to get 100 lb. bags of potatoes, carrots, and onions which they stored in a cold storage in the basement of the house. Grandpa also made root beer in the bathtub. My mom and aunts would speak of hearing the pop in the basement when one of the bottles would explode. They also made all types of pickles, relishes, and jams.

                                     Grandpa and Mama in front of the bakery in the 1930s.

My paternal grandparents had a farm and did the same thing.My dad spoke of milking cows and working at the farm. They also had many fruit trees and berry bushes. Years later when I came along, I remember picking berries and running through the tree groves with my cousins. Barefoot and smiling from ear to ear, I'd go into the kitchen with a pail of berries, and my face covered in berry juice. My fingers scratched from the blackberry bushes and happy.

Now, I'm the grandma and I can only hope our grandchildren can have similar memories. Sadly, our dream house is gone but that doesn't mean I can't cook!
You can find the recipes I've published on this blog, here

I also have tons of cook books! My mom collected them before I was born so I have a few of those plus I've collected some myself. I just love cookbooks. The photos alone are wonderful. The cookbook Mama used the most was the one her parents gave her the year I was born..

     Its really worn out now as we used it so much! 
  The cookbook is the America's Women Cookbook. You can still find these on Ebay in better condition. Probably because they weren't used as much as this one.  Even though this book is old, its still a wonderful addition to any kitchen.
  Grandma wrote on the inside cover the year and more.

The inside of the cookbook is in good condition. So many good recipes and beautiful photos

That's about all for today. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you a Happy 4th. We got a new flag in our new place. Made in USA flag too!

Here are some vintage postcard graphics to celebrate the holiday. As you know, old postcards are a favorite of mine.

You may have noticed I changed the template in this blog. Thought  I needed a change. How do you like it?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday Musings

I just finished this stitching and will get this one and the matching one for dogs in my shop soon. Have to frame them. I rather like these new patterns from Urban Threads. Different and fun to stitch!

I'll be opening my shop in August. I want to stitch up some new things to list. These are just the beginning. 

Our cats are adjusting well to the move. They don't sit in the window anymore as the window sill is very narrow but do love it when we open the front door. There is a security screen door so we  lock it so they can look out.



Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ironwood and Saying Goodbye

 Last weekend, our family went to the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar fairgrounds. What a relief of coolness from the ocean winds, its been very hot here, in the 90s and as hot as 108. It was 72 at Del Mar.
We happened upon a seller of Mexican Ironwood. Years ago we'd bought several pieces and our son bought us the feather, the detail is amazing. Its a new piece and made with modern tools. Our older pieces were hand carved but they are all wonderful.

Here is the roadrunner we have

and our other piece is the oldest, a owl and yes he does have a beak.

These last two pieces were hand carved by the Seri Indians of the state of Sonara in Mexico. 
Iron wood is very hard and heavy. The grain is very straight and it sinks in water. You polish this wood using shoe polish.

We got all the boxes and things out of storage now and said goodbye to our house. It was sad leaving, especially as the bank has not turned the water on. Our lawn and fruit trees are dying in this terrible heat.Its puzzling as they were so determined to make us leave only to leave it empty for weeks and not taking care of the landscaping. The front lawn looks dead and dry.
I cried while driving away, those trees, rose bushes and sago palms were like children to me. Shriveling in the driving heat.

But life goes on and another page in our book of life has turned. I will try to post as often as I can.
The cats have been a great comfort to us as well as getting into Gods Word and prayer. I know, like Job that He is in control.

 I don't want to close this post on a sad note......

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day Three of the Condo

As I said, there is a room behind the bedroom. A little funky but quite usable. Its still in the planning stages, but we have put up blinds, and put down a indoor/outdoor carpet. Before it was just concrete.

As I said, its a mess right now. The large window-like area that you see on the left is plexiglass with glass shelving. Eventually, this will be a nice office. Outside  toward the back left is the atrium. I will post photos in a few months so you can see the finished office.

We did look at rentals in the neighboring town of Hemet, Ca and could have got a much larger home for less money. However, after praying about it, we both felt we were to stay here in the Menifee/Sun City area. Our son and grandson are here so for the time being, we should be too. Plus our business is improving and we don't want to have to start over again somewhere else.

Having our personal things here has made a difference in the feel of the condo. Its starting to feel like home.
Be it ever so humble...
I will be stitching again also..guess the name of my shop Sweet Home Stitchery is becoming more appropriate!