Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am posting this in the mid afternoon...we went to Pomona, Ca this morning to re key a house...nothing much to report about it..wasn't too interesting.....I'm kinda tired like I always am after traveling in the van...even though he got new shocks a few months ago...its still a bumpy ride.
On the way home, we got a call to check a house in Canyon Lake which is near home as the realtor couldn't get in...turned out the lockbox had the wrong code was the only problem. Lovely home with a lake/mountain view...I took a few photos which I will post tomorrow. While we were there, the realtor came by so we explained the problem and he got a tour of the house. It had a large downstairs family room with an additional bedroom which would be great for a guest. Several balconys too.....what we do not like about Canyon Lake is 1. how expensive it is and 2. the very strict security they have...Al's had a lot of problems getting in there to do work even though the realtors call ahead of time....sometimes he's had to wait up to an hour before they will let him in the gate. I feel like they're like the gestapo...asking for papers.
I posted quite a bit of photos and things in my other blog this morning so if you haven't read that yet, please head on over there....Dani's 1951 Shop newsletter