Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween...we are not big celebrators of this holiday, it was fun when the kids were little, and we'd walk around when they trick or treated.....we lived in a condo when the kids were young, so we took them over by their elementary school neighborhood. We knew many of families in the area, several teachers also so it was really fun walking around there. The boys usually dressed in home made silly costumes, nothing scary. It was more of a harvest festival atmosphere.
One year, we got started late, Donny was about 9...and we hadn't made him a costume so we went to Walmart...the only thing they had in his size was a Barney the Dinosaur which he wore but wasn't too happy about...Barney wasn't too cool when at that age.
Another year I threw together a easy costume for two pieces of poster board and made dominos which I then added shoulder straps for a sandwich sign. One side had a single black dot on it, the other had two dots....he had the most fun that year, trick or treated twice...he'd go up to a house, get some candy, then flip the sign around and go to the same house, asking if they had seen his twin brother?
They are too old to go out trick or treating now....usually don't do too much..Menifee doesn't have much nightlife..some of the churches have festivals...last year they went to one the Baptist church has every year...lots of baked goods, music and games...our town closes down at night for the most part...
We usually just hand out a little candy (only could afford one large bag this year so when its gone, its lights out) and watch a movie...last year we watched Pirates of the Carribean....I am thinking about getting out the old Ghostbusters tonight, its silly fun. I always like the Stay Pufted Marshmallow Man.
On a more serious note:
I was woke up last night with a strong urge to pray for our nation...I hope you will also if you are so led. Also pray for peace on election day and afterwards....whoever wins, there are bound to be people upset. It is such a close election, no mandate this time.
As you know, we are McCain supporters and are Republicans...only because the Republican platform is more biblical than the Democratic. The Democratic party has gotten far more to the far left than ever before. A totally Democratic congress and a Democratic president will not be good for our country anymore than a completely Republican congress and president. There needs to be brakes in the form of disent. Total power corrupts totally. I am worried about an Obama presidency as his people has stopped many things from coming out in the open..from little things like NBC and YouTube forced to take off a SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit on the stockmarket melt down, to stopping NRA commercials to bigger things that having the state department investigate anyone who asks simple questions of the candidates...if we can't ask a question without fear of a investigation, what kind of country are we? Now that is scary. The strange thing to Alan and I personally is this....Alan had to have an FBI security investigation as well as a Homeland one to get his locksmith license here in California.....but we have someone running for President that couldn't pass the same investigation because of his former alliances. Something to pray and think about.