Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday thoughts

We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner, as you can see, our table was groaning with good stuff...I used our Thanksgiving plates, they are called His Majesty by Johnson Brothers.....they were an inheritance...
Kinda of a shame they are only used once a year but part of our tradition....I'd love to get the matching pieces one day...especially the turkey platter. The silver plate was my mom's. We've been blessed with many lovely sets of dinnerware, mostly inherited and I hope to pass them down also. I feel we are just caretakers.
We cooked too much as usual and are enjoying leftovers today....Alan made his "famous" cranberry relish/salad

Its so good, he made a huge bowl...we eat it as a snack, its so good....just grind up fresh cranberries, apples, a orange and walnuts..sweeten it to can freeze it also. We had enough cranberries left over that I made cranberry nut muffins this morning for breakfast
Used the same recipe I have posted before...just added slightly more sweetener, chopped cranberries (instead of blueberries) and nuts.....very good.....
This morning in our local paper there was an editorial about how our elected officials don't know much about how government runs and general civics...they took a test that is put out by Intercollegiate Studies Institute that tests college grads and they had 150+ elected government officials take the test..who got an average score of less than 53% a F grade...I guess instead of monitors asking Presidential debators questions they should be asking them these questions can take the test yourself and see how well you score......I got a 87% but I did study for it so it wasn't quite fair...Alan took it first and we looked over his answers...he got a 62% grade so at least he did much better than others....most college grads couldn't get a passing grade.
Here is the test for your enjoyment and education....Civics Test