Friday, May 25, 2012


As promised a few photos of Jayden...he loves this little cap off a sippy cup...and had thrown it across the room...crawled over to get it...

He is eating some solid food now and has a total of 7 teeth..he's working on another one today.....he pulls himself up on things and can get around fairly well...legs are losing their baby fat and getting stronger.....he knows what "NO" means too! He's 9 months and will be a year in August...hard to believe, they grow up so fast.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Towels and More Garden

I just listed these 3 black kitten dish towels...I had a fun time making them and they are now in my Etsy shop.....Sweet Home Stitchery..... The pattern is from Aunt Martha, a vintage inspired pattern..the towels have a green/yellow stripe and have a hanging loop...... I haven't stitched very much but am stitching a special order for a have another special order in the near future....didn't realize it at the time, but the fig tree outside our window cast a shadow which didn't show up until I posted the photo....these are very nice towels...a nice weight and iron like a lint!

Our weather has been warm, in the high 80s and low 90s.......

the tomatoes we grew in pots are doing well and are loaded with green tomatoes.....I took these photos during the solar eclipse.....
Early this morning, we sprayed the ground around the beds for anticipation of  lining the area with grass mats....Alan added solar lights to the beds too.
we're also re thinking our lawn as the water bill continues to rise.....haven't decided what to do yet......talking to our neighbors, evidently everyone's water bills are going up.....our water district has a special right now and will pay for you to remove your lawn for more water friendly landscaping...I'd like to get good artificial turf watering or mowing...we would still keep our small lawn in the front.

That's about all the news today.....tomorrow we have jobs and I will post some new photos of our grandson, Jayden...he can pull himself up now and will be walking soon.....crawls everywhere..... a happy sweet baby and a blessing to all of us.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What We've Been Doing

I hope you are having a good May...we've been busy with the garden, work and going to the hospital for checkups, etc. They have a wonderful family clinic that we've been going to......Alan is now on insulin and slowly he's getting his blood sugar under control....takes time...I am getting some needed issues helped too...... We are signed up with MISP, a Obamacare plan which is free for us....I know, I know, we've been very critical of Obamacare....and I still don't like the idea that the government can mandate that everyone get it...I think it should be up to the individual and family....that is the big sticking point as its not constitutional as far as I can see....however, for those of us who fall between the cracks..who are working and can't afford insurance for different reasons...its a Godsend. Neither of us mind that we sometimes have to stand in line for the pharmacy as all the meds are free also....we are thankful and its been a answer to prayer...if you've read this blog, you know the nights we've spent in the emergency room. The hospital is the Riverside County Regional Medical Center...its a huge hospital which is beautifully built, very open and light.
You may have heard that the swallows have failed to come back to Mission Capistrano..well, I think they found a new home here at this hospital....The northern walls are loaded with swallows nests! Its fun to have some coffee outside and watch the tiny birds flit back and forth building their mud nests on the walls.

I always feel the Lords presence at this hospital....and pray while we are there for all the patients, and many people needing help.....and we both find it sad there is no hospital chapel as in the old days but they do have a "Mediation" room which serves as a chapel, I guess....the times we live in, huh?

Being the county hospital, we often seen sheriffs guarding orange jumpsuit clad prisoners who are shackled and handcuffed. They come in prison buses from all around the county for treatment here. There are usually two sheriffs, one walking beside the prisoner, and one behind him...everyone gives them a wide berth.

Yesterday I had an appointment and while I was waiting, red lights flashed through the hospital, and a voice came over the intercom saying "Red alert, Red Alert, corridor A1 shutdown...shutdown corridor A1"  turned out they were have a realistic hostage situation drill. Alan was upstairs getting a prescription and he said heavy doors swung shut cutting off all the corridors....doors slammed shut at the pharmacy a few minutes, a call clear announcement was given.A security guard came and opened the doors.....everything was back to normal
Its been an adventure!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Its only been about a week since my last garden post but what a difference!
The yellow beans are really growing as well as the rest of the raised beds....

this is the summer squash and zucchini.....
Soon, we can begin harvesting the crookneck squash...yummy! a favorite in our household....
and here's the telling how tall it will get...we've had very nice warm but not hot can see the drip lines....
the tomatoes we started several months ago in pots are doing well and have tiny tomatoes....won't be long!
We staggered the planting to have tomatoes most of the they are in all different stages of growth...we've been treating all the vegetables with fish emulsion about every 2 weeks or so.....and checking them daily for disease or far so good!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peace is Coming