Friday, February 28, 2014


The storm has hit us big time, alot of roads are flooded already. This is Salt Creek, not far from our house and this pic was taken several hours ago. The road is closed now.
They're warning not to go on any dirt roads too unless you have a four wheeled truck.

again, the photo was taken a few hours ago and the road is much worse now. Our patio is flooded too but its not bad.We're not worried as its done this before in past years. The wind is what is bad right now. But in spite it, we're really happy we're actually getting rain now as its been such a dry winter.
I'm hoping the added rain will help our potato plants that we put in the raised beds two weeks ago!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rain Coming!

Not quite 100% still have a nasty cough but feeling much better. I got alot of wash done yesterday, 4 loads! I hope that will be it for a few days as we expecting storms  today through Saturday. Don't particularity want to be at the laundromat when its pouring down rain.

We watching the local weather report on TV this morning and everyone was delighted to get rain but worried about mud slides and traffic. Californians, especially Southern  Californians seem to ignore the fact the road is wet and slippery. Especially the first rains usually bring up oil on the roads.

This morning I re opened my Sweet Home Stitchery Etsy shop and listed two cards. That's all, just two but its a start. My camera is giving me fits on taking close ups so that problem will have to be resolved somehow. I also posted on the other blog by the same name and you can click the link on the left side of this one to read it.

Sunday we went down to Oceanside, and after rekeying a condo, Alan took me out to the Eternal Hills Cemetery to visit my parents grave site. That was a blessing as I'd wanted to visit in some time.
The stone was covered with grass so we were able to clean it all off and add flowers. I want to get American and Marine Corp flags next time.

I hope we can get down there more often to keep it up. Its on a hillside and under a large pine tree so its always in the shade which is kinda nice. But the crab grass makes runners over the stone often and the gardeners neglect it.
Other good news is that I checked our business on Google and we're on the front page! I wondered why we're getting more local calls and was delighted. We're the only Mom and Pop locksmith business in the area which customers seem to appreciate.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sickness Update

Thanks for all your well wishes. We've been so sick this week but things are looking a little better. My energy is slowing coming back and the coughing jags are few and far between now. Our grandson got to go to the doctor and is on meds so he's getting better too. Alan is feeling a bit better, still coughs quite a bit though.
The good news also is that we've gotten busy with our home business this week too. Wouldn't you know it, when we feel the worst, we got lots of jobs. Thankfully we've been able to handle it although we did have to turn down one job early in the week when we were at our worst.

This is the way I've felt this week!
But today I colored and washed my hair, took a shower and feel human again.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monday Sickness and some fun

I haven't posted much as we're all sick AGAIN! This cold/flu thing just doesn't want to leave our house. Coughing like crazy, congested, etc. All 6 of us, including the baby Jayden who will be 3 in August. Poor Alan's been coughing so much and has been sleeping the last two nights in his recliner as its very comfortable and he can sleep sitting up which seems to help him.
Alan and I got proactive and he figured what we could do to help things. He checked our furnace filter and it was filthy so we put a new one in. That could be part of the problem so hopefully we'll all start feeling better. In any case, it needed to be done.

Thought I'd share a few more funnies I've found online.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Poor Richard's Almanack

Another item I just listed is this copy of Poor Richards Almanack illustrated by Norman Rockwell, which was published in 1974 by Ballantine books. This copy was given out to new account holders of Culver Savings Bank. If you like Benjamin Franklin's writing, this is a wonderful copy with great illustrations. Its the complete edition of all of his Poor Richard writings.

There are also black and white sketches throughout by Norman Rockwell.

I usually send all books out media mail which really saves on shipping. I love old books!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Candle Holders and a Sheriffs Lock Out

I listed these Boopie candle holders in my Etsy store yesterday. They're really pretty and look so nice on my table, I almost didn't list them. They were made by Anchor Hocking back in the 50s or so, its hard to know the exact date. You can use them this way, with taper candles or this way with votive ones.

I found these at an estate sale and fell in love with them. They really sparkle and are quite nice. I go into more detail in the description in my Inspiration Memories shop. I only list things I really like, thinking others will too.

Last week we had a sheriff's lock out which is always a little nerve racking. Alan is always nervous picking the front door as you never know what or who is behind it.  A couple of years ago, in Arizona, a sheriff and locksmith were killed by a owner who didn't want to leave his condo. Now they always send two sheriffs out to do the job.

Here's Alan going up to the front door when the sheriffs called him to go forward,

Usually the tenant or owner has already left but in the case, they hadn't left yet but quickly got in their car with bags of clothes and left when ordered to leave. This is a rental house and I guess they'd been squatting from what the rental manager told us. The house was in good condition with just a few odds and ends left in the garage.
We both prayed before the sheriffs got there that Alan wouldn't have any trouble getting the doors open and God answered our prayers. One of the easiest jobs we've had!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Funny Day Post

Occasionally, I have a funny post day and today is it! Hope you enjoy! The above is clickable and you can read it much better, very cute.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Whats Growing in Our Neck of the Woods

The kids were pulling up carrots the other day and ran into this little guy! Love his hairdo!
So much of the country is under snow, I thought maybe you'd like to see of what is growing here. Our winter has been more like spring in most of the country, lows in the high 30s/40s and in the low 70s during the day.

Our daisies are taking off, these are in pots along our front walkway, we landscaped with many of the granite stones Alan dug up in the back yard.
The large geraniums are starting to bloom also, they seem to like the cooler days. I got these as starts from a foreclosed  house. I thought they were such a pretty color.

and lastly, the succulents that are on the front porch.

I think I'll have to put this into a bigger pot soon, its really taken off. I got the starts free from a planter in front of the realty office who we do some business with. I just took a few pieces home and stuck them in the pot and well, you can see how much they've grown!!