Monday, November 10, 2008


Here is a great postcard...doesn't that ear of corn look delicious?

I went to the grocery store (Winco, naturally) and got our weekly $50.00 worth of food....I don't know how we are making to feed 4 people on $200 a month but we are...they still had bananas at the sale price of .18 cents a lb so got more of those and the 10 # bags of potatoes were still at .78 so stocked up for Thanksgiving....I use cream of chicken soup for gravy...its very delicious and alot cheaper than the jarred gravy...can get a big can for less than two dollars that makes 4 cups of gravy...instead of using water to dilute it, I use chicken broth. Evaporated milk was on sale, so I got two cans for pies...we bought a pumpkin for Halloween and didn't carve it, so next week, I'll cut it up, bake it and use it for pie...if there is enough left, will freeze the rest for pumpkin bread or muffins.
Turkeys seem to be high this year....even Winco cheapest was .87 cents a lb. and they were low on their stock...the freezer case was over half empty...
We are owed quite a bit of money again and like always, everyone takes their time paying us. Sure makes it hard to pay bills on time and plan for holiday dinners.....last Christmas was very hard, we had to borrow to stay afloat but this year seems to be alot better, thank the Lord!
I think the next thing here in California, and perhaps in other states is that eggs are going to go up in price....we had a prop. 2, that passed requiring egg producers to have larger cages for their hens, and let them free range....the one large egg ranch here in town is going to be moving out of state...they say its cheaper than having to adjust to the new requirements.The dumb thing is
on the ads they ran, they showed veal calves been forced into tiny dark stalls...looked really sad..come to find out, there is no veal being raised in California.
So we will probably look into getting a few hens and having eggs ourselves...our yard is large enough...I've talked about this before, but its going to be time to get more serious..I know there is alot of information online about keeping hens. I have alot of questions....Alan is so handy, I know he could build a nice coop for them. I just wonder about keeping them comfortable with our hot summers and cold winters. It doesn't get near as cold here as in most of the country but it does get down to freezing and has lightly snowed at times. Our summers cook here, over 100 lots of days.
I joined Flicker today and downloaded a few vintage embroidery patterns...these are very old and have been featured in my other blog..made them public so if you want to see any of them..
just click here