Saturday, November 8, 2008


I will be posting on and off until Thanksgiving some of these darling vintage Thanksgiving postcard can put these onto your computer and make some nice cards to send out for the holiday...The last two Christmases I have made our own cards and have to get started soon...I don't send out many anymore, just for close family members mainly and a few friends. We will be sending out some to our regular locksmith customers also.
Today is a quiet day...its early here and Alan has two jobs...he works on Saturdays and only does emergencies on Sundays....Donny will be home sometime this morning for a few hours before his work starts at noon...then tomorrow he will be home for two days..he really appreciates being home and away from the trailer as its so small....he can hardly turn around in the shower..its a nice trailer but not really meant for full time living.
The dog rescue is getting ready to take some of their dogs over to the new Pet Co. this weekend.
I think its great that they are featuring rescued animals. If you've read my posts for any length of time, you know we lost our beloved Boots earlier this year and then adopted Bandit from a
Pet Co. She had been found as a stray. She had been there for about 6 months and was rather standoffish for a time. But is becoming affectionate as she has warmed up to us. She is really friendly and runs towards you when you come into the room or come in the front door, but would give little nips if you tried to pet her...that is ending now...I think she has realized she is in a safe place now..anyway, here is a recent photo of our new family member. Her poor tail is tweaked on the end and if you feel it, the bones are twisted...we think she may have got it caught in a door at some time..poor baby.
Our youngest took a photo of her, she is so beautiful, and a real Diva...I think we need to get her a rhinestone collar and get her groomed when we can afford it...we've just been brushing her.