Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a note

I just wanted to add and let everyone know we are really doing well right now with our fact, last week we made the most $ bank called us up and ordered 22 houses to be re keyed...evidently a builder never sold any of the houses and they went back to the bank...Alan and our youngest did them all in only 6 hours! Alot of other calls too. We got a lot of calls yesterday too and have work booked through the middle of next week at least. We are so thankful to the Lord as its been Him all the way...
Locksmithing is one of the few jobs that is recession proof. The main thing is location, location, location..if you are thinking about getting into it..please check the population in your area..figure 1 locksmith for every 40,000 in population. There are only 2 other locksmiths in our area and one has a bad reputation. So as we are getting better known, our business keeps growing.