Friday, August 28, 2015

August Drought

Sorry, I haven't been posting much. Just too much to do and also its been so hot. Mostly in the high 90s and low 100s. This seems to be the hottest summer we've had so far since moving here some 10 years ago now.

In spite of the heat, all the trees in the area are losing their leaves already. I always thought trees lost their leaves when the weather turned colder but such is not the case here.

It seems rather odd to be racking leaves in 100 degree weather and I wonder if this means a very hard winter.

I don't know if it has to do with the drought also, as you can see, the lawn is suffering. We do water the front lawn twice a week but in this heat, it still suffers. We quit watering the back lawn which is much larger. The water district has told everyone to cut back 50%. which makes us wonder why the city water fountains and golf courses are not cutting back. So far everyone is still washing their cars (we aren't) and watering their lawns like nothing is going on. Our water bill has dropped quite a bit but the sewer bill has risen. They still want their money regardless.

I've been canning, still have tomatoes and zucchini.  Also have started on stitched Christmas cards. I'll be putting them in my Etsy shop as they get done. I have some new patterns plus the old favorites, such as the 12 Days of Christmas. Nice to do when its too hot to go outside. I also listed some of my stitched tags, these will go fast as we get closer to the holidays so if you want some, be sure to order early.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looking back at July

July went by way too fast for me. We've been canning like crazy. Every day is a new challenge with the hot weather but I've keep plugging along getting alot of canned goods for this fall and winter.

                                             Tomato Sauce

                                            Canned whole tomatoes
                                  Parboiling corn to put in the freezer

                 and of course, fig jam, and Alan made quite a bit of fig leather.

The tomatoes are still producing so there will probably be even more goodies for the pantry.