Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope you have a happy one...don't eat too much candy!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Linda of Prairie Flower Home is having a 100th post giveaway..this adorable old farm window with a wonderful can find her blog on the sidebar......

and also another reminder about Nancy's Market Giveaway... she is giving away several things to the lucky winners, including a wonderful tote bag, soaps and pincushions.....

and thirdly, Oodlekadoole Primitives is having a big celebration....and another fabulous giveaway....Sue is celebrating her 73rd birthday with some very special treasures...

Can hardly believe its almost Halloween...where has this month gone? Its been such a chilly October for us here in Southern California....very unusual....we've almost had to turn the heat on, but I'm fighting the urge, and pulled out all the down throws..for night time movie watching and another blanket on the beds.....
It's nice to start cooking more hardy Alan has 5 (!!) jobs today, I decided to make a big pot of crockpot stew, cornbread and a cherry pie for supper...we found the nicest large crockpot in an foreclosed was brand I am putting it to good use.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday at My House

Here is my first effort on the Guardian Angel ornaments...not perfect yet, there are some mistakes.....I had a little trouble figuring how to put her together.....know how to do it now....I used seed beads in the flowers on her dress border....
You know me, I always have to have a project to work on....I also just listed more fabric tags in my Etsy shop....
and have a bread cover to sew together today too....I don't plan on ordering any more Christmas patterns now..just completing the things I've started....before we know it, the holidays will be here.....we do decorate alot for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I was going through and reorganizing the other day and found some darling vintage Christmas potholders...I forgot them as they were buried in a box...we had gone to an estate sale and I picked these up...

There are 3 of perfect condition..wish I had the pattern, almost makes me want to crochet again....aren't they pretty? Its so amazing the sales around in our neck of the woods...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Scooter is a new rescue from the shelter..he's a Jack Russell/terrier mix and quite the fellow...6 years old and a very dapper guy..turned in as the family couldn't care for him anymore...fairly well behaved, house trained and ready for a new family..with Scooter, the lucky family will get a month of free pet can find Scooter at the Sun City K-9 rescue

You are probably wondering what is going on here. Yesterday we went to Signal Hill to finish re keying an apartment house and stopped at the Home Depot......this was going on in the parking lot..what are they doing? well, drilling for oil, of the parking lot no less....
Signal Hill has one of the most productive oil fields in the world..there are oil wells everywhere back yards, tucked behind gas stations, is a photo I found online of what Signal Hill looked like back in 1923....There are many small old cottages scattered around and we figured they were built for the oil workers during these days......Signal Hill was named as it is the highest hill in the area and the local Indians used it to signal fires that could be seen all the way to Catalina Island...
Before oil was discovered, this area was used for outdoor locations for the Balboa Amusement Producing company, a early movie studio, and such stars as Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle
filmed movies here....a interesting history...Signal Hill is just about surrounded by Long Beach.
we also stopped at the local was an old one with wonderfully carved tombstones..Alan took alot of photos of some of the more spectacular ones which I will share another day....we doubted many people visited any more as most of the people there had been born in the late 1800s...

While we were waiting at a red light, a trolly came by.

It was another long drive..after 3 days of driving, I am ready for a day at home..but Alan is off again, jobs and work..which we are very thankful for........he had one job here early and then off to Carlsbad, ca for a job, back here this afternoon for one here in town again.....we have jobs booked for Friday and next Monday also so things are looking up.....thanks be to God!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Houses

Here is the old photo of our house on Point Loma ,San Diego..just a little typical 1950s home..nothing real special but it sure was in my memories......the front two windows are the two bedrooms, behind them was a hallway with the one bathroom on the left, following the hall ,
you would come into the living room..there was a large picture window on the right with the front the left was the small kitchen with a little spot for the kitchen probably had only about 1100 sq. ft. and was very typical of the did have a very large backyard.

We had a wonderful view of the entire San Diego area that was below as Point Loma is high on a hillside.....I remember Mama washing clothes out in the garage with a wringer washer, and me making mud pies in the side yard where there was no grass...Dad's constant battle with gophers.. He also went deep sea fishing and I have photos of the fish he brought home. Mostly blue fin tuna..sometimes he would take his catch to the cannery and bring home a box of canned tuna......
walking to the elementary school when I started kindergarden which is about a mile away....Mom would walk with me and meet me half way back....

The 50s was a wonderful time for was fairly safe and a innocent time..also for a young military family there were so many things that were free! The San Diego zoo was free, tours of the navy ships was free, Cabrillo National Park (that I mentioned yesterday) was free, watching the speed boat races (free)...even going to Disneyland for the first time (1955) was free! and also Knotts Berry Farm..if you wanted to go on a ride, you could buy tickets.

Dad and Mom took me out to the navy ship tours on a regular basis...they were docked and open to the public..I think they still are...I've been on destroyers, the Eisenhower aircraft carrier, battleships, and several submarines......
My grandparents would visit, aunts and uncles, my two great aunts, and I remember watching them play cards at the kitchen table, mostly pinochle which I have yet to learn......there are really too many memories to post but needless to say, that little house had alot of love.

I was really a little nervous to see the house again, after all these years....a little tearful, but when I saw it, was I surprised....

and yes, this is the same house...all I can figure is the old house is mostly gone but this one has the same footprint....the front bedrooms are now combined and its a living room, the breezeway is gone..I looked the house up on Zillow and it still has 2 bedrooms but they added a second bathroom..and its still only 1100 sq. ft. but the biggest surprise was the house value..
my folks paid 9,000 for the house in 1954..its now worth (drumroll) $678,000......also another surprise is that the house that is across the street from this one (the little girl there at the time and I were friends) (still a 1950s style house, no remodel) is worth close to the same...all the remodel didn't help the value....
I hope the family who lives there now are as happy as we were....I kinda have doubts about that today is too complicated...and I don't think their little girl (if they have one) has fun making mud pies.

Before I go today, I wanted to mention that my friend Nancy is having a giveaway on her blog, Inside Nana's Head.
I am not going to tell you what she is giving away...find out for yourself..but I will say she calls it, a marketing a hint.......I think you will like it......

Monday, October 26, 2009

Road Trip, Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

We took a long drive yesterday and ended up at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, out at Point is so beautiful and peaceful, there is a sense that time has stood still here...the views on either side are breathtaking......
Confirmed as a National Cemetery in 1934, Fort Rosecrans is the final resting place of more than 96,600 men and women of the United States Armed Services and their families...we saw grave sites as far back as the Spanish-American covers 77 acres.....the above photo is looking out into the Pacific..the other photos below are looking toward San Diego harbor

Down town San Diego....looking across Shelter Island

San Diego Harbor...Shelter Island

Shelter Island

If you ever get to San Diego, please be sure to go out to the point and see this cemetery. There is alot more to see on the point, Cabrillo National Park is here also, tide pools and a old lighthouse..a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.....not crowded either!

we also went to see where I spent the first 9 years of my life, we lived on Loma Portal, not far from here...we googled my old address (I still remember after over 50 years) and tomorrow I will post what the house I lived in until I was 9 looked like and what it looks like now..quite a difference!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

I'd like to introduce you to Perris, a chihuahua mix about 4 years old, according to the the dog I posted last week, we know little about this little one....he was picked up as a stray and no one has claimed many times some people get puppies and when they grow up, they are given away to be replaced by another puppy.....we have a neighbor who does this..sad.....trying to talk to them is like trying to talk to a stone wall...
I don't know if this was the case with Perris.....but he is shy and wants to be held for security....poor he's being held by a young volunteer who has taken a special interest in him..the volunteers are so great, and have done alot to rehabilitate and help the dogs to trust humans again ..the rescue also has the services of a very experienced dog trainer. Perris was named after the city in which he was found, Perris, ca. You can find out more about the Sun City K9 Rescue
by clicking the above link.....the only no kill shelter in the valley and ways you can help them.....

I have a set of 3 more tags almost finished.....and will keep plugging along with the stitching...I always have to be working on something seems like.......until either the Lord comes back or my eyes or hands fail.....I ordered a cute redwork angel ornament pattern from Bird Brain designs

Since I love redwork, and I've had some experience with the tags, thought I'd give these a whirl..I think they are really cute and would be good to tuck into Christmas cards as a nice little gift.
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

“I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” (Psalm 40:8)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon sharing

I got them done! these are the first 6....I think they turned out rather favorite is the snowman on the left..just love him...thinking about changing the ribbon to twine though....a little more prim......

These are going to the craft show..but I am planning on making more as they are quick to make especially having made these first ones, I know what I am doing......what I like most about them as no sewing machine...I'd like to make some with scripture or Christian motifs of some sort, have to get out my thinking cap .....these designs are from Primitive Stitches
here are ideas on how to use them from the above website.
YOU MAY TIE THEM AROUND: lamps, pegs on shelves, bed posts, doll arms, candle jars,
canisters and cabinet knobs.
HANG FROM: pegs, Christmas tree, door knobs

TIE TO: Christmas packages, baskets, wreaths, arrangements

PIN TO: Displayed quilts, pillows, dolls clothes
Attached side by side (leaving background fabric in between each) to create a wide rectangular pillow.

...I am also going to experiment with bread cloths.....
I went to the local thrift shop yesterday and found a very large sheet, I use sheets for my embroidery projects, you can get so much nice material very cheaply that way...the reason I mentioned it was, after I brought it home, I made an amazing has an entire hand embroidered border! Some of the embroidery was worn but the middle section is quite nice...

I was thinking of a bed pillow sometime in the future.

This weekend has been very nice, sunny and we even had to turn the AC on a little yesterday...Alan and I took a tour of the garden, what there is left of it and discovered 3 tomatoes for the plants we put in about 6 weeks ago, and 4 pumpkins..its still warm enough for the tomatoes....and these are supposed to be large ones..the pumpkins may be ready by Thanksgiving..
we've been putting grass clippings over the garden and where we have done it, no weeds! I am going to ask the neighbors for their clippings as their lawn is larger than ours..we dug up half of ours for garden this year.

and a praise report, we actually got paid! 3 big fat checks came in the mail on Friday..enough to pay our bills for this month and get caught up with our mortgage.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Here is another of the vintage 1900 delicate and pretty..wouldn't this be lovely on a pink and white pillow? so many patterns, so little time....
I spent most of today, doing housework and then working on more fabric tags and candle mats for the craft show..have most of the embroidery done and tomorrow I will stitch them up on the machine.......
Alan went into the LA area again for re keying jobs...its now after 7 in the evening and he said he still has two jobs to do....I don't expect him back any time soon. The realtor was with him part of the time and gave him some checks which is encouraging......I answered the phone and he has another 2 jobs for tomorrow..none too early as he will have a late night..I stayed home as I had some orders to mail + working on the things for the craft shows.

Both boys or I should say, young men have still been busy at the dog rescue.....they are cleaning out one of the garages and that's about done.......there is a barn also.. I will have to get out there soon and see all the improvements!

I played around with the blog and found a background that is a little more added an etsy to shake things up once in a while......

Any patterns I post are public so feel free!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday at My House

I've been busy stitching candle mats and am starting some of these tags too....I really think these are cute..the ones above are not made by me but from the Primitive Stitches to give Rhonda credit......I will show you what mine look like when they are done.....a friend is going to two craft shows in November and asked if I wanted to put some of my things with hers so I am giving it a try......the tag patterns I ordered would be suitable to hang on a prim tree.........I always put a small tree in our kitchen/dining room area and hang cooky cutters and now some prim tags....

I am having a little empty nest blues...both boys are out at the dog rescue...Matt's been working out there too, and staying with Don in the trailer at night........I tell myself it could be alot worse...I know they are busy and safe.....I also know they are just about grown and its inevitable...I even cried a bit is always adjustment, isn't it?

They came home last night and I realized the Lord was working with them..Don has always thought Matt was a little lazy...He know realizes what a good worker Matt is and told me so...he says he's working up a storm..shoveling, cleaning, racking, trimming trees and bushes, repairing fences and dog runs....Don now has a greater respect for his younger brother...Matt is learning too that Don has alot of responsibility and handles it well. Elizabeth (the owner) is pleased as there was so much to be done, and Don can't do it + do running of the rescue too...

“How great you are, O Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.” (2 Samuel 7:22) listen to chapter

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

I wanted you to meet Boomer, an Italian greyhound mix..just look at those eyes....she wants a family so badly.......she is a female, about 2 years old, very healthy and just needing someone to love her......she's a bit insecure and nervous and the volunteers are working with her but she's not aggressive..poor girl, not much is known about her, she was a stray that was brought just never know what kind of experiences she had to go through in her young life.....
you can find her and others at the Sun City K9 Rescue....both my boys are out there today...our younger son has decided to do some volunteer work .........there is always lots of work to do....!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This old owl is a vintage transfer pattern...I love to collect them and a few months ago bought a homemade CD on Ebay of very old transfers...this is from the turn of the last century, around 1900...I think I posted a few of these earlier last year.
I rather like owls......they have a reputation of being wise...but actually they are only created for one predators....they focus on their object and don't look away..but have eyes only for the prey....which is rather wise after all....kinda like as Christians we should be.....with our spiritual eyes focused only on the Lord.
We don't have many owls in our neck of the woods, but do have other predators..mainly red tailed hawks, turkey vultures, and smaller types of hawks like American Kestrals......we also have road runners.....

We woke up to.......rain! Yes, actual wet stuff........this may be a good wet winter for us when we get rain in mid October.......its a El Nino year so its possible...we got a email from a realtor to re key a duplex in Loma Linda also which isn't too far away...about a 40 minute drive. Our lawn is happy!

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Good words for today......and I hope you have a good one......and please if you like the owl, you are free to get a copy of him.......public domain....

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Giveaway , A New Listing and a Recipe

Jessica from Country Whispers is celebrating her 200th post with a stitching giveaway...the lucky winner will get 3 great cross stitch magazines (my favorite Country Stitching) plus a book
on home decorating....a yard of pretty fabric, a embroidery hoop and some nippers to clip threads....she is also throwing in a nice please check it out and welcome a new friend..just click on the know me.....I love anything concerning embroidery and cross stitching.......
I just finished and listed another candle mat...I think this is the last one for awhile.......but they are so fun and addicting to make......You can find this one and more in my Inspiration Etsy shop

This one is snowmen and candy canes....before we know will be Christmas time...I did this mainly with satin and backstitches..again, this pattern is from Primitive Stitches...

Lastly, as its been cooler (unseasonably cool here, Thank the Lord!) I made some cookies yesterday afternoon.....

I found this recipe when I was blog hopping, but don't remember which blog it was..sorry....but the cookies are made with Nutrella...something I had never tried before..and are absolutely delish......actually, if you don't have the kisses, don't worry....personally I think these are great without...they are slightly crunchy and soft in the middle......I didn't have white sugar (it was all frozen and I didn't feel like digging through the freezer) so used some turbinado sugar (its a natural sugar which has a coating of sweet golden molasses) and I think it made the cookies even better...the boys thought they would be good holiday cookies.....
Nutrella Cookies
1 3/4 cup flour
1 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
1/2 cup Nutrella
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 egg
1 t. vanilla
24 Hershey kisses
Preheat oven to 375....In a medium bowl, combine flour, soda and salt. In another bowl, combine Nutrella, sugars and butter, cream for about 3 minutes and then add egg and vanilla, blend well.
Stir in dry ingredients, just until combined. Shape into balls and roll in sugar, place on baking sheet, 4" apart as they will spread. Bake 8 minutes, remove and gently press a kiss in the center of each...return to the oven for another 3 minutes. Let sit on sheet for a minute or so and then remove to cool on wire rack......
If you are not familiar with Nutrella..its a hazelnut/chocolate spread that is very good.......rather rich by itself...I found it fairly inexpensive at Winco.
hope you enjoy the cookies as much as we do...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Friday, October 9, 2009

Table Mats away!

Here is the almost finished mat.....I think it's turning out fairly good.......I tea dyed it and it streaked a little......the family wants me to make 3 more so we can use them at Thanksgiving....
I did colorize the pumpkin stems but it didn't come through in the photo....but they are slightly green........I am going to wash it and see if the streaks will come out...I want to line the back with a fall print...have to make a trip to Walmart, ours still has fabric.....I think I will make one more with this pattern and then make 2 with a different but matching pattern....have to put my thinking cap on!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odd Thursday Thought about TV Commericals

I am really starting to hate certain know the ones...I think they are made for ADHD people..... after the 20th time of seeing them......the jumping graphics, and music makes my brain go on overload...Alan just mutes them...I especially dislike the one medication commercial where the shadows walk around with pink lungs... I find that one very irritating. I also hate the birth control one with all the women doing water ballet.... Honestly, do we really need to know about washing used catheters? Some things I don't want to know. REALLY, I don't want to know... Are there some ads that bother you or is it just me?
We have a local one too that drives us batty..this gets the immediate mute

and believe me, this is the best of the bunch.....this is so bad, its almost good.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Yesterday I went out to the dog rescue as Don had left some things home he needed...Our printer died and as I bought two more epatterns, had Don print them out for me on the rescue printer...another reason to visit, not that I needed one...I met the cutest little dachshund named Wolfgang...Don had him in the office and although the other dogs were making a racket...he was friendly and quiet in spite of the noise.....he had a pink bunny toy he carried around in his mouth, it was bigger than him and wanted to play....I threw it about half a dozen times or so. He would get it and bring it back to me, dropping it at my feet...then he'd had enough, went over to his food bowl, got a few bites and laid down...what a sweetie...

I tried to get him to play with the shoe toy you see in the photo, but he wanted the pink bunny.
Such a charming dog...great can see Wolfgang at the Sun City K-9 Rescue

I also finished most of the embroidery on the table mat I spoke about before..I am thinking of writing Harvest Blessings on it in script..

The little black "berries" are seed beads......I am not sure how I am going to finish this....I do have quite a bit of vintage hand crocheted lace edging but thought that might be over the top...I thought I might tea dye it too......and colorize either the pumpkins or just the in is padded with warm and natural batting...

We've been rather busy every day this week with locksmith calls...either from the realtors or home owners...good week, thank you Jesus! Now if the realtors would start paying us, we'd be ok.......constant problem...
Alan had to get up at 3 this morning and drive to Sylmar for a lock out, north of Hollywood....the lock out was at 7 in the morning! and a 100 mile trip one way.....we have one realtor who is a very nice person, but he sends us out on the longest trips.....

and yes, I worked on my book too.....will have the first chapter done soon....

Monday, October 5, 2009


We went to the grocery store on Saturday and I used the cart handle cover that Nancy had sent me...what a wonderful and healthy idea! it went on easily with velcro and fit the handle easy to put on and I felt so good about using I had gotten the flu about a month ago, I didn't want to have that experience again if I can help it.....I had alot of people watching me as I pushed the cart...and felt nothing but positive thoughts....I am more aware now of germs and watched others more carefully in the store just to observe..saw one child with a runny nose wiping his nose with his hand and then touching the cart handle.......that sight was all it took for me to use this cover can be thrown in the washer when you get home, folded up into it's carrying bag for next time..... these are very unique, no one else makes these but Nancy of Huggins Haven......they would make a great stocking stuffer and a thoughtful gift......I've heard that that grocery cart handles are one of the dirtiest things you can touch..worse than public toilets...protect yourself and your loved ones......

She also has the nicest pincushions! I just love this one...its her newest.....I have one she made that I use all the time and it sits on our end table where I do much of my will find these in her shop also.....
and I have been stitching! Here is my latest Christmas candle mat
kinda a snowman/Christmas tree primitive theme......I am working on a harvest pumpkin table mat own design which I will have done in a few days....not so prim but vintage looking..I plan on colorizing part of it can find my creations here

I started actually writing a few paragraphs last night for my book.........but I didn't realize how difficult it would be to do.........stretching my mind which is a good thing.....I figure if I do a few paragraphs a day, it will start flowing as time goes on...I know characters have a life of their own...the hardest part is getting started!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road Trip

sorry I didn't post yesterday..we went on a road trip...first did a little work on a foreclosed and for sale house in Murrieta......we had to install smoke dedicators there... then headed up to San
Bearnadino to re key a foreclosed was in an older established neighborhood, rather pretty street lined with tall trees...the house was in good condition, just needed some cleaning and perhaps new has a very pretty fireplace...San Bearnadino has so many palm trees...more I think than Palm Springs...this is what the freeway looked like..sorry, you can see our clipboard with road directions in the reflection.....we don't have GPS....but do fairly well with online maps.
I am getting things together for the story....I have a little notebook, I am putting ideas down in...characters, plots, etc. I figure if I get things fleshed out, the story will write takes time..I've thought for years, I would write a book as I am getting older, thought its now or never...if no one reads it, that's family will get a kick out of it perhaps....LOL

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am not in a bloggy mood today.....we woke up to cool skies and wind. It got down into the low 60s last night and yesterday I noticed the fig tree was losing its leaves so I guess fall is here.......I am wondering if we will get any more hot days......
Yesterday, I worked out front, weeded a flower bed, swept the stoop, etc. It looks better...I'd like to decorate the front of the house with some mums and pumpkins but sadly, no funds for that right now......but its neat and clean again.....with the wind, most of the streets leaves comes into our yard.

I've had in the back of my mind a story idea......what do you think of two women who work as locksmiths....I am not sure what to call their company but I've got alot of stories about different rather exciting adventures..spooky houses, funny situations, and things that have actually happened in real life (remember the foreclosed house where they found the dead agent?) I thought have two women would be a little unusual and a good twist. What do you think? and also do you have any ideas for a name for their company?