Monday, November 3, 2008


Here is a photo of the cherry pie I made this weekend..alas, it no longer exists except in memory as it was sooooo good....I can't take too much credit for it as I just use the great sugar free cherry pie filling that Super Walmart carries and the crust recipe is one I got from Pioneer Woman..for years I struggled with pie crust and gave up many times..every recipe I got just didn't cut my mom could whip out a crust in nothing flat...never used a recipe and her's always came out great...but not me... The Pioneer Woman pie crust recipe never fails so that is my standard now and there are alot more pies in the household. My men appreciate and I glow a little.
Our cupboard is rather empty this morning so I am planning on going to our local Winco for groceries.....they have some great sales this week, 18 cents a lb for bananas, ,.98 cents for corn flakes, with coupons...,28 cents a can for Green Giant vegetables...they even have boneless skinless chicken breasts for 2.98 for 2 1/2 lbs. They come frozen in bags and you can get two so that 's where I am headed. If you are reading this and live in Southern California near a Winco, run, don't walk....
Our gas prices have really come down too which is so nice....I paid $2.57 a gallon last week and its supposed to get cheaper than that this week.
Have you been following the family that has elected to live off the grid? here is the link again
Ecletic Culture Farm. Quite an adventure..she says the Amish in the area have bets how long they will last. We all may end up living off the grid if Obama has his way with energy...says he wants to increase the cost so we will have have to watch our electricity most of us don't already. With winter coming, many families suffer as it is, sigh. With so many wanting change, change isn't always a good thing.
well, better get on the until next time...