Thursday, June 27, 2013


The dwarf peach tree in our yard was planted about 5 years ago and never did very well. This year was the exception  and its absolutely loaded with peaches. Alan noticed birds pecking at the fruit, so he put some netting over the tree.  Last week, we had a wind storm and the tree actually fell over! One small branch broke off but thankfully the majority are fine. We bought two metal supports and through some effort straightened the poor tree up. Its so heavy with fruit, hopefully the supports will protect it from further damage from the wind.

Today, we're expecting it to warm up considerably..supposed to be in the low 100s. By the weekend, its predicted to be 110 degrees. So glad we have solar panels now as it would have been way to expensive otherwise to run our AC. Last month, our electric bill was only 77 cents!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, Grandchildren and New Appliances

I was sick all last week with a very bad cold and didn't post anything. Haven't been that sick in some time. I almost thought I had bronchitis but its going away now with just a small cough left. I spent alot of time in bed and got  needed sleep. The sickness had started with little Jayden and then progressed through the family, Alan got it and then finally it reached me. Thankfully its about over now.
Today we had two jobs in San Diego county, and then a Find a Grave assignment in Lake Elsinore. Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with our youngest and our new granddaughter!!!!! They live in a neighboring town, Hemet so we don't see them as often as we'd like so when we do, its a wonderful treat..she is 3 1/2 months so and so cute! We visited them in their new apartment and watched some old movies and had pizza.  Here is  Little Emma Grace!

She looks much like her daddy looked when he was little, she loved to be held and is very active. Cutting her first teeth too!
Jayden, our grandson loves her and asks to see Emma often. I think they'll have fun playing together when she gets is Jayden..he's almost 2 now.

not the best photo as he moved just as I took the photo...typical boy, always moving. As you can see, Alan's grown a beard. I rather like it. Everyone says he looks like Santa.

Much of our garden is finished for the summer, believe it or not. We're coming into our hot season so most crops can't take the heat. The only thing left really are the tomatoes and they're coming into their own. We picked about 5 large messes of green beans and have eaten them all, they are so tender and good, everyone loves them.

I just steam them with a little salt and butter. Just yummy!
I've also been re organizing my kitchen, we got a windfall from SSI and decided to get some much needed appliances. Sadly, the appliances we bought when we moved in, some 9 years ago are now wearing out, first to go was the dishwasher so we got a new one last week! What a difference in the cleaning of the dishes. The glasses just sparkle now. We also bought a new stove. Our stove was always a lemon, it seemed like. We bought all Maytag appliances, thinking they would last but the repair man told us that they  were all built in China and had planned life of only 5 years. The first year, the stove glass front shattered into a million bits when I was making cookies, very scary. Then the heating element broke and had to be replaced and now we seem to have a gas leak when you turn on the oven so it was time to go. Needless to say I haven't baked or used the oven much! It worried us because our boarder works late, comes  home after we're in bed and makes himself dinner at midnight or so. We don't want to take the chance of an accident. It comes Wednesday. This time we got a Whirlpool and hope it lives longer than the Maytag did with no problems.
Because of the experience of the old stove, we did get the extra warranty on the appliances too. This has been such a blessing and I'm so thankful.

something new I've done and I did it while I was sick last week was join Pinhearst....Just learning how to use it and its kinda fun. I've created 7 boards so far...Be sure to see my Oh Yummy board where I've collected some great recipes that look fantastic. I can't wait to try some of these with my new stove!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Monday

I'm still working on my family tree and am constantly amazed of what I can find online. I just found this photo of one of my great aunts that I never met in person. She looks like she'd be fun to know. One of my grandmothers sisters.
I also found an absolutely gorgeous photo of my grandmother...which is below. Isn't she pretty?

We also got several more Find a Grave assignments over the weekend. The first one was disappointing as it was a hot hot day and we walked forever. Never did find the gravesite and today when Alan called the cemetery office, we were informed there was no stone at the grave. Rather sad.
The second one, which we went to this morning, was easy to find and only took a few minutes. Got a nice message back from the family too.

We 've also been enjoying our garden harvests. Yesterday we picked a mess of green beans and had  them for tender and delicious. Not stringy or tough like you buy at the store. We're continuing to enjoy the potatoes we dug up too and I only wish we had planted more of them. They have a buttery taste with no butter!

Our roses have stopped blooming for the most part with the oncoming hot season but I did manage to find a few pretty ones. They'll shut down now until the fall when it gets cooler. 

I finally found the tiny fairy lights that had gotten mislaid, these run on a battery so I put them in with the summer arrangement of the washboard. I'm not sure if you can see the lights or not.
and now for a funny!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I was wrong!

What we thought was a watermelon is now revealed that its a pumpkin!

This is very great news for us as pumpkins here are very expensive come October time. This one looks like it will be at least 10 lbs. Which would probably be close to $10 or more here. There are several more coming too.
The potatoes were harvested today and we enjoyed baby ones this evening, I steamed them and then sliced and browned them in a pan with some butter..WOW! just delicious. Had them with some grilled Italian sausage and a 3 bean salad.  Alan harvested all the carrots also so tomorrow I'll do something with them.
We'll be coming into our hot season, it usually starts this month through October, time for grilling and hot weather meals.  We grill outside, but sometimes use the Foreman grill inside when we don't want to go to the trouble of starting charcoal. We got a new one this last year and I personally love it. I've grilled everything from hamburgers to fish to chicken on it and it always comes out perfect.
Yesterday, I fixed Tuna Croquettes after watching Good Eats with Alton  Brown.  They were wonderful and I highly recommend this for a nice summer meal. Here is the video of the recipe.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old Photos

I thought I'd share a few unidentified photos with you..these dear people images could be used in crafting, on greeting cards, etc.
None of them look too happy, the first little girl looks like she'd rather be anywhere else but in front of the camera!

I got these from a selection off the Missouri website, evidently these people lived in the Carroll County area. They posted them, hoping someone could identify them. I have a few of my own too, which are below.

This is a cabinet card of someone in my grandfathers the boys hat and the big bow!

and this is a group shot, it maybe have been a Sunday School class as they're all really dressed in their best clothes.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New Home in the Country for Nancy

Nancy and her husband Billy have found this home in the country and will be moving in just a few days..the house has acreage and out buildings. A beautiful view also, or at least I think is California most views look out with mostly brown colors, but in the Midwest, its a different story.
here is one of her new views.Perfect for the dog rescues!

In celebration of her move and to help with moving expenses (we all know what that is like!) she is having a sale on her amazing Celebrity cookbook,. I've bought several of them for myself and as gifts.  There are over 90 recipes donated by over 60 celebrities. Betty White kindly offered a wonderful recipe for a chicken dish, Guy Fieri offered a meatball recipe, and there are many many more. By purchasing the book, you will not only be helping rescued animals but getting a great cookbook to use as a gift or for yourself.
Oh, guess I'd better give you the link where to order...Huggins Haven