Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Chat

I got up late today...slept in...guess I needed the extra sleep...still hoarse but energy level is rising....when I checked my email, I had gotten a new copy of the HillBilly Housewife newsletter and it had alot of good stuff in it (as it always does)....if you haven't read it ...its a super site with loads of good ideas for frugal living. This months of course was about Thanksgiving, frugal decorating and black bean ideas......Alan loves black beans and I am acquiring the taste for them....and they also feature a Thanksgiving smoothie using cranberry sauce....
We woke up to gray skies and the threat of rain....hope we get a lot this winter as California sure needs it......Don (our oldest son) had to go back to work.....but he does get Thanksgiving off for a change. He just bought himself a used motorcycle to go back and forth to work on....I wasn't too excited about it but he is thrilled....he did it get registered, got insurance and wears a helmet, so there isn't much I can object to...he has a permit and will get his license next year near his birthday in May. It is cheap to run and only takes 5 dollars worth of gas to fill the tank.
As he just has a permit, he can't ride at night, or on the freeway so that is a good thing. He's always been the kind of person who loves excitement and thrills.....always goes on the scariest rides at the theme parks...he is a good driver.
As a mother, I am not thrilled but have to trust the Lord on this....he is over 20, not a little boy anymore. sigh.