Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Lost Thanksgiving dinner and Ebay auctions

Wow....sorry I haven't posted in some time. The entire family got hit with the rotavirus about a week before Thanksgiving. First the baby got it and then, like dominoes, everyone else, one by one fell to the sickness. Including us, Grandpa and Grandma. I got it the day before Thanksgiving.
Poor little Jayden is getting over it now but it took him the longest to recover, almost 10 days. Alan had gotten the flu shot too but the rota virus ran roughshod over that. I don't think I've been that sick in years. Both Alan and I lost weight, each about 6 lbs.

Needless to say, our Thanksgiving this year was a bust for the most least the meal as none of us could handle eating for a few days, other than soup and scrambled eggs.
Thanking the Lord that we're all recovered or recovering, including the little is a latest photo of our grandson...

He's 16 months now, growing like a weed, and talking up a storm. I  think he looks cute in his little jeans and plaid shirt.


I have listed some Campbells Soup Kid ornaments on Ebay...these were put out by the Danbury Mint back in the 90s. I had the entire set and just have 10 left so if you'd like some, they are up for auction. Very cute, very cute resin figures of the kids....
This one is called "Peak a Boo"  Sold!
I just love their cute faces and the details are amazing.. I already listed one batch of 13 and sold every one of them. This is the last of them. When they're gone, they're gone. Here's the link ....China Lake Auctions

hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can't believe it will be Christmas so soon..where has the year gone?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cupboard Door Giveaway

I wasn't going to post today but just enjoy reading some of my favorite blogs, get caught up with everyones doings...when I ran into this giveaway and thought I'd better tell you about it.
Wila is a etsy artist and has her own shop, plus her blog, The Old Cupboard Door is always fun to read.
She is giving away this painted breadboard....

so get on over to the Cupboard door and sign up!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Deviled Eggs

One of our traditions at Thanksgiving are deviled eggs..why? I don't really know but my mom would always have them, as well as relishes, pickles, and olives heaped in little dishes and plates. Somewhere back in the family, I am thinking my German grandmother, the "seven sours and seven sweets" must have made a showing and hence we have deviled eggs today. There are many recipes for deviled eggs so I won't bore you with mine. Its just a smidge of this and that..mainly a little mayonnaise, dry mustard, and a hint of horseradish.
I ran into this darling deviled egg dish and have it in my Etsy shop for sale. Its unusual in that there is an embossed design in the center of a poinsettia. I've never seen one like it.
The lucky person who buys it will also get for free, this cute little dish that could be used for those olives, pickles or relishes.
I'm not sure where I got this, it just appeared in the china cabinet one day. But I think its rather cute...I like the handles...

If you'd like this set, please order it soon as Thanksgiving is coming fast it seems. You'll find the egg platter in my shop, Inspiration Memories...let me know that you read about it here and I will be sure to add the second plate at no cost. This is only for my blog readers.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Chat

Last week we did a locksmith job in Santee, California. Alan noticed a little shop as we were leaving and we stopped in. The man who owned the shop, Tom McCoy refurbishes old radios and makes them new again. He had quite a selection in the shop, "Mantiques" and sells them very reasonably. Alan surprised me and bought this wonderful old radio which gets great reception in our dining room. I just love it and cried  with happy as we hadn't gotten anything for ourselves in years. Its a reproduction from the 90s of a 1930 radio...isn't it great? Most of his radios are originals and I'd love to get a second one in the future so both our sons will one day have one. He also has other vintage items and furniture. Hope you will stop by if you're in the area...its a delightful shop.

 The election is over and I was terribly upset by the outcome as were 50% of Americans. I don't think people who voted for the President realize what will happen. Already there have been thousands of layoffs which are not being reported by most newspapers and the media. As this is not a political blog, I will not go into it further, however, our next door neighbor has been laid off, and says she won't look for work. She plans on living on unemployment for the next 99 months.
However, I know that God is in control and He will provide so am giving it all to Him who is the final authority.

Now that cooler weather is here, I've started baking again. Made a mile high apple pie the other day which is over half gone now.....decorated the top with pastry leaves...and it was yum (as our grandson would say) The crock pot in the background was full of roast beef, with baby carrots, potatoes and onions. The house smelled really good that day!

I've gotten the embroidery on the  baby quilt almost done and ready to be sent to Nancy who has volunteered to complete it for me. Says she's one of Jayden's grandmas which is wonderful..there can never be too many people to love. Time is going by so fast now so have to get all our projects done before Christmas comes! I promised her I'd embroider a towel for her daughter so that's what's next. Hopefully it won't take me near as long as this quilt has...its hard to embroider with a 15th month old baby exploring the world. We did get baby gates which is making it easier. He's talking up a storm and the other day, actually called us Grandma and Grandpa clearly. Delightful!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pre Election Day Funnies

Tomorrow is Election in view of that, I've decided to post some funnies......lighten things up a now, most people have decided who to vote for and what propositions they are for and against in the various states..