Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pineapple Crochet

 I've been going through my cedar chest where I store linens and such. I had forgotten this beautiful pineapple tablecloth so got out our little round table to display it, I think its just gorgeous, don't you?
I believe this is made by my MIL but not sure. 

              Here is a closer look at the beautiful crochet work.

The Pineapple crochet pattern is a very popular design. A antique symbol of hospitality, warmth and family. It has been often used to welcome their guests. I especially am partial to it in crochet as its just beautiful.
Here are a few other doilies I found on Google

My grandmother crochet many doilies and many of hers have a pineapple theme too. So glad to have this table topper as it adds a little touch of elegance to our small living room. Do you have any pineapple themed items in your home?
My maternal grandmother was a avid crocheter and I inherited many of doilies she made. I know they aren't popular to use as they were in her day so I haven't put them out but keep them in the cedar chest for the most part. She also crocheted a lovely large tablecloth which I just handed down to my brother and family. We don't have a dining area in this little home or a table. We use TV  trays to eat at which is ok for two. Not sure what we will do this Thanksgiving!

I taught myself how to crochet as grandma passed away when I was only 11. I wish I could have gotten some pointers from her. I will show you next time a couple of things I have here that I crocheted. Two baby blankets that are granny squares.
Alan inherited a beautiful afghan that his mother had crocheted and I will share that also. Guess I should crochet again as its fun and relaxing.

and will end with a funny

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Miss Poosties Primitives

I've been blest with many online friends, and one of those is Penny King. She is a talented artist and also makes these darling primitive dolls. I hope you would look at her lovely things in her Etsy shop which goes by the name of Miss Pootsies Primitives...  I don't know about you but Belinda Mae has such a whimiscal smile...I just love her. All her dolls are hand made and unique. Each has its own personality.

As I said before, she is a watercolor artist and here is one of her watercolors

                               With the holidays coming, any of these would make lovely gifts.

I've also opened my Etsy shop, Sweet Home Stitchery...  
I've been busy getting caught up with stitching. I don't have very much listed right now but do have some tags and will be listing more in the coming weeks.  I have several new wall hanging art done but not framed yet. However, if you like these, I will sell them just by themselves and you can frame them/ Much cheaper that way.

These would be $11.00 with shipping of $3.00. When I get them framed they will be $28.00 plus shipping. I prefer Paypal.
  If you're interested, you can reach me at my email

Friday, August 18, 2017

Berries, cherries, oh my!

We've been really enjoying all the fresh berries this summer. Cherries, and strawberries have been especially good as have peaches and nectarines. We went to the local farmers market here and fonnd these berries. Prices have been quite reasonable too. The peaches and nectarines were only .99 cents a lb!Alan loves fruit but he does have to be careful and not over do it with diabetes. 

I usualy just clean the berries and have them cold in the fridge for snacking and dessert. We like them on cereal and pudding of course, too.

Its been interesting watching life go by our little condo. We've seen alot of characters and interesting people stroll ,walk, bike and drive by in golf carts. Many of the seniors here use bikes or golf carts. The carts are usually decorated, some heavily with flags and such.

Today, I put a chicken in the crock post and later will take the meat off the bones. Making chicken tacos tonight and quesadillas tomorow. Easy way to have a tasty dinner when its warm. I also am baking Alan a pan of sugar free walnut brownies. I bakes some banana bread early this morning too. Guess I'm in a cooking mood!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Quilts

I have the two quilts, I had posted about to show you..

The first is my great grandmothers..she was born  in 1864.

The quilt was made from dress material from the 1930s when she visited my grandparents...I believe the pattern is 9 patch but I could be mistaken. Its bound nicely with red fabric and is in fairly good condition for its age.

The second quilt, my grandmother made..she was born in Iowa from German immigrants who came over in 1850. They spoke German in the home. She was born in 1888 in Ottumwa. Having done some research, I found the family farm in that town. Its on the outskirts and still has a farmhouse on it. I'd love to go one day and see it. There is farm land there too but from the Google site, it doesn't look like its been farmed in some time.

Its done in pink and green and is in great conditon but the binding in some sides is worn. This would fit the top of a queen bed. The other quilts I've shown are better for a full.My grandparents had one on their bed and one in the guest bedroom. I remember sleeping on the floor in the guest room when I was little and later slept in a bedroom in the basement of the house when I was older. The basement was creepy for me but as I got older, it was fine. The creeking of the floor joists was the worst!

Grandma also did alot of crochet work. She was always making doilies and used them in the living room on the chairs and sofa. I am lucky enough to inherit those too. She crocheted a beautiful tablecloth which my brother has. I plan on giving him some of the doilies too if he wants them.

Here are a few photos of my  great grandparents, the German immigrants,

This is my great grandparents on my mothers side, Henry Wagner and his wife, Laura Alice. Henry arrived in the US with two brothers, and then went back to German tofind  his wife. They were farmers, just look at his shoes!

Here is my grandma when she graduated from high school
she made the pink and green quilt...