Monday, November 17, 2008


It looks like the fires are getting better...a large part is the winds have died down....our Santa Ana winds whip through the valleys and spread the fire within minutes if not seconds...there are so many little valleys, hills, and rocky areas, it makes it difficult to fight the fires.
They've used a DC 10 to drop water or fire retardant in those areas.
Inland we live, there are lots of hills and valleys too, but not as many people.
I've often thought it would be pleasant to live next to the hills, and we've re keyed homes which were at the base of hills like this...really pretty but with the fires, not as much fun. Glad we bought in the flat valley area away from any hills....I understand why people live there, its lovely and very country...but you have to count the cost.
Everyone got out of the mobile home thankful for that, no one died which is amazing.
There are still fires burning but under control so it won't be long until they are out. But this happens every year....