Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Fires

Hi, again.....hope you are all having a nice Sunday...we woke up to news of severe fires northwest of us....not close but we felt the need to keep the TV on to hear the news.....several freeways were closed and the freeway we went on last week was also. We've had Santa Ana winds for the last two days and its been very dry. Red Flag warnings.

These are all west of us by quite a bit..we've been very blest not to have experienced this yet...and I say, yet..our area is not immune for sure....I've always wanted to live out on acreage but as there are fires like this every fall, am thinking we probably did the right thing in buying where we did...we have concrete tiles on our roof so sparks wouldn't take.
So far no one has been killed....everyone has gotten out of the area but they are searching one mobile home park that burned to the ground....they don't know if all the seniors got out or not.
They are bringing in cadaver dogs just to be sure and going house to house.
Today the winds have died down and its cooler....
Needless to say, please pray for all our brave firemen and woman, all the families and pets that had to be evacuated and anyone else connected wth the fires...