Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is another Thanksgiving postcard...the artwork on these is so great..the main reason I love postcards so..
the boys are going to 6 Flags today with a friend. I just printed maps out for them...its a two hour drive one way..wish it wasn't so far. 6 Flags is only opened on the weekends during the winter hence they had to go today. The good thing is the park won't be crowded and its cooler weather. The lines won't be long and they can enjoy the rides more.
I've been posting alot of free vintage embroidery patterns on the other blog so if you like them, please visit over there....I also joined a new stitchery site...which is very nice, its small and cozy.
Its called Stitchery Showcase...if you stitch, and would like to join, let me know and I will send you an invite, or you can visit the site here I am learn that Australia seems to be a popular place for embroidery..its more popular there than here or so it seems to me. This site is a place to showcase your stitchery, not promoting any business..but you can have links to your blogs and one widget to your etsy store.
We are still in a quandary about the election...I am trying to come to grips with the idea of Obama as our president...I, one hand, I think its great that a black person can and did become President, I think it says something good about our country. I think it will help the African-American community to realize that they can do great things and can have the American dream.
On the other hand, I don't really trust him, he has said one thing and then changed his mind alot of accepting public funding and then going back on it as an example. He has little experience which I find troubling. I was reading that some African-Americans think he is going to pay off their mortgages and they are getting a free ride.....there are going to be some very disappointed people!
The Republican party is in a quandary also...some of McCains staff is trying to ruin Sara Palins political career by all the half-truths and lies. They are shooting themselves in the foot. They didn't like it that she wouldn't submit to their agenda for very long..they were the ones who made a mess out of the Couric interview, wouldn't let her do interviews, etc. When she put her foot down and went her own way, they didn't like losing control. These were mainly Bush people so there ya go. The Republican party and President Bush went away from the "Contract with America". They broke the Fiscal Responsibility Act of the contract for one thing. Read it for yourself...