Sunday, November 9, 2008

Late Night

Just a short late night posting...we got a call to go to Whittier as someone had a damaged the boys were gone, we decided to go today...its about a hour drive from here. Its becoming more and more common to find lockboxes recoded so that other agents can't show the house...when we arrived, we found the box not only recoded but the housekey was missing. It looked from the box appearance that someone had tried to pry it open with a knife or screwdriver too...Alan just cut it off and replaced it with a new lockbox and he had to make a new house key as that was missing. Good thing the house is in escrow and will have a new owner soon.
The ride was very nice, not too much traffic which is unusual..and the weather is wonderful right now...
Alan is thinking of inventing a lockbox that cannot be recoded like that....he did design one special for one real estate agent that seemed to have a constant problem with someone vandalizing her boxes. She has her own special code now and her own one can change the code. Problem solved.
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