Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happenings and Squash

Wow, I didn;t realize it had been some time before I last posted. Its been a busy and stressful few weeks.
I was woke up at 1 a.m. a few weeks ago to my husband calling for me. He had fallen in the garage and hit his head on a heavy metal desk he has out there. Blood everywhere and a deep cut on his head which needed stitches. So I quickly got dressed and got him in the car to go to the emergency room.
We;'re both so thankful to the Loma Linda emergency, they took him right in and got him taken care of. He got 9 stitches in  his scalp. They also checked with a MRI to check for any concussion or brain problems. Thankfully he has a thick head!
He had been trying to reach for something in the garage and stepped up on a kitty litter plastic box which collapsed. Yes, he now knows that was a dumb thing to do. 65 year old men often don't realize their age or so it seems.
Here is a photo of his poor head. He has the stitches out now and you'd never know anything had happened. The doctor did a great job.

A week later, Jayden got sick with a stomach ailment and we all fell like dominions. One after another got sick with the same thing. Chills and stomach upset. April has been a rough month for everyone. When it rains, it pours.

Everyone seems to have recovered now and hopefully things can get back to normal. Our trio group decided not to have a giveaway this month but we will have one in May. I haven't stitched much this month due to the situation but sure miss it so will be coming up with  some new things soon. 

Our garden is doing producing and we're been enjoying peas and carrots, beets too. Those have all been harvested. We put in loads of tomato plants now, ready for the summer.
We planted a new type of  summer squash, its called "Cupcake" and is exclusively with Burpee seeds.
If you click on the link above, it will take you to the Burpee website. There is a video that explains all about this new summer squash and  how good it is. Its a combination of a patty pan and a zucchini. Great for stuffing which is what I did in the photo. Very tender and tasty. Like zucchini, the plant produces alot too! I served the stuffed squash with baked chicken thighs, and green beans with crispy onions.