Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Poor little Shana was dropped off outside of the facility from a pickup truck....they just dumped her and drove away...really sad for this sweet girl...not much is known about her, she appears young, is in good health and friendly. A true rescue.
I read that our new President elect is looking for a dog, I hope he goes for a rescued dog as it would be good to promote rescue adoption....I know his daughter is allergic so the only dog this rescue has is Beauty, the Chinese crested I posted about earlier...about 10 days ago, I went out to the rescue and visited Beauty...she is odd looking with no much fur..but had a very sweet and friendly manner about her...I'd be tempted to adopt her but with the cats, I don't think it would work out....she sure wouldn't be a problem for someone with allergies...someone had dumped her in construction area and the workers there brought her in...she is still available for the right person or family
She would be fun to walk and you'd probably get a lot of attention. These are rare dogs and cost quite a bit if you bought one from a breeder. If you would be interested either of these dogs, would like to a donation for their care or like to visit the dog rescue (there are many other dogs not pictured on the website), go to Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
They also have dogs featured at the new Menifee Pet Co. on the weekends.