Monday, December 1, 2008

I am having trouble with my computer again...can't seem to download any photos from my camera so sorry about not showing you Canyon Lake.....the computer is running really slow..I think I have too many vintage photos on it so am attempting to put many of them on a disk and off the memory. I deleted some of the old dog rescue photos as many of them have been adopted + any others I thought weren't needed.....guess we all need to do housekeeping once in a while, huh?
I will be posting many Christmas vintage postcards but after the holidays, they will go to disk so please take any you want in the meantime....I have several that are my person favorites including this one
I have made some tags using this darling image for my "gift in a jar" 4 of my neighbors"gift in the jar".....Donny brought home a dozen quart jars for me to use. I am planning on doing a lot of baking too.......I recently won a nice set of vintage metal cooky cutters on Ebay as when we moved 4 years ago, my cooky cutters all disappeared....we lost several boxes of stuff in the move mysteriously...the box we miss the most had my cutters, and two vintage metal grinders with all the attachments....we really miss them at holiday time.
Fortunately, I was able to replace the cooky cutters. I don't like the new plastic ones.

The grinders were the type that you clamp to the counter and they were both antiques. One was had a date on it of 1898. We both really enjoy finding and using old kitchen items...they are made a lot better than the new plastic small appliances...I think we found the grinders back in Iowa at an old second hand shop. The only new appliance I really like is my Kitchen Aid standing mixer that the guys bought me several years ago (before the job loss) has a dough hook which comes in handy and is very well made. You can order a grinder attachment for it but its way over $100 and not something we can even think about now.
We were actually quite busy over the weekend. Alan had 4 jobs on Saturday and then we got one call yesterday from a lady who locked herself out of her house.....we don't take regular calls on Sunday except for emergencies.