Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just opened another shop in Bonanzle...its called Dani1951's Book Shelf....we see alot of abandoned books in foreclosed homes and I hate to leave them. I have about 11 listed so far...thrillers, mysteries and some cookbooks......and will put more as I can...I'll be putting children's books in too and Christian ones....Bonanzle is a newer site and free to list so I can't really lose anything. I've been checking out the site today and setting up a very warm friendly welcome too. I send out books in Media mail so shipping isn't too bad either.

Its been very windy on and off today...lots of mini whirlwinds going up and down our street and backyard...its stirred up a lot of pollon and dust so my allergies are going a little crazy...
Inspecting the garden this morning, Alan came in the house all excited....and brought me out to show me our first pepper....the peppers were flowering but we hadn't seen any fruit set until today......they are yellow and red peppers ...hope to see more...and all our tomato plants have fruit too...can hardly wait to bite into a juicy just picked tomato....yum!