Friday, May 8, 2009

Yesterday evening Alan and I watched a life pod cast from a joint venture of the
Independent Caucus and the 9/12 Project..rather amazing.. please think about joining if just to hear about the tea parties..the main stream media and the government hasn't really noticed or cared so we are now doing something a little different...they will be delivering to every local representatives office, tea bags with voters name on them (more info on site) plus a video of the life pod cast showing that we know about what really happened with the Tarp funds/bail outs. ....there is way more information than I can talk about here..but they will be doing a rebroadcast soon so if you are interested in hearing it...please sign up so you can get the email...just go to this Independent Caucus
site...if you'd like to add your name to the teabags, you can find out about that here
They want to get 1,000 tea bags to each representative at the same time and the same day.
The first podcast was a great success and they had over 700 in attendance....people from all over the country participated and chatted while waiting.....very interesting.

I had photos of the apple tree and the new blossoms that are appearing on I posted before...the tree had leafed out but no blossoms...Alan had been worried that we may not get apples this he contacted a local apple orchard north of us who was so nice to quickly email back to let us know the trees were late this year do to the unusual weather...we got a very hot spell in February and then a cold snap....we've been watching the tree daily and behold! yesterday little white/pink blossoms are appearing! Alan took photos but somehow they were deleted from the camera...
The tree is new and only 14 months in the ground...when we planted it, there was fruit on it..the Beverly Hills apple is for this part of the country and can take the warm weather....the fruit is yellow with pink veins and has a wonderful crisp, sweet/tart flavor....medium sized.

My friend, Nancy, sent me a nice German tablecloth to embroider.....I started it today and will show a photo soon.....worked on it while I was waiting for my son to get out of his Geometry class. I may have to take out what I started though as its a light linen material ....two strands of embroidery floss looks heavy.
Its been very hot here in our valley, in the 90s all week and they say it will be the same through the weekend......drinking lots of sun tea......feels like July more than May. Too hot to cook so we've been having sandwiches for supper this week......the corn sure likes the heat !