Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Before and After

just two weeks ago

that middle cabbage is going to be huge..these are supposed to be 50 pounders. The beets will be harvested by the end of the month or so....we don't like them when they get too big...we both dearly love beet greens too so nothing is wasted.
this one zucchini plant is huge too..compare it to the other one beside it on the left.they were planted at the same time

It has many tiny baby zucchini growing around the center of it too....

Its been really warm here most days...in the high 90s or low 100s....but its dry and not too bad...the plants seem to like it although we have to keep them watered well....the hollyhocks are starting to bloom and are over 6 ft. tall...I will post a photo when they are in complete bloom...in a day or so with this heat....the jasmine is blooming too....we covered the strawberries with shade cloth...

Alan got a call for a REO locksmithing job with a familiar address.....in Vista, where we used to live in the same condo complex....no need to print out a map! He will be going later today.....we lived there almost 20 years before we sold and bought this house.....Matt would love to move back there as its home to him....we not so much.....there are only 40 units there so we knew most everyone and Alan was board president for 5 years until we left.