Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Evening

The hollyhocks are starting to bloom...looks like they are mainly white this year....last year mainly red....the tallest are over 6 ft. I sent seeds from last year to one of my groups members...they like to garden....we had to put some Sevin dust on the leaves as they were getting eaten up by some critter...they'll be even prettier in a few days when they are in full bloom....
Our weather has been really nice, in the 80s...the garden is growing right along...we have some corn waist high now..soon the zucchini will be coming as well as more of the crookneck summer squash..we have green tomatoes too so can hardly wait to taste some good homegrown tomatoes soon.....the best!
I hope you enjoyed the video I posted yesterday.....I thought it was is another one that is just as good if not better......although I think their costumes are a little "funky" there is no denying their talent.

no instrument but the voice...I found this on Tangle, the Christian video site...although the songs are not "spiritual", there is alot of joy and fun..."a merry heart is as good as medicine"