Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week....Dixie Lee

This is Dixie Lee, a mixed breed Papillion...she is about 4 years old and needs someone who will be patient with her as she is distrustful of strangers but very loyal to her family....probably not for a family with children, but for a single person who needs a loyal companion, she would be a faithful friend...she is small, about 8 lbs or less.....I met her on Saturday when I was at the rescue...she barked when I first entered the patio...but showed no real aggression....stood off when the other puppies piled on me and I could see she was curious but wary....very pretty little dog...just like people...some of the rescue dogs have special needs....Dixie is one of those.
You can find Dixie and many other rescued dogs at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue

Yesterday I did some dead heading of the roses and picked some for the house...these are from our climbing rose bushes...I think they are gorgeous....the bushes are just loaded right now...I did feed them with some epsom salts earlier and I think it really helps them to bloom.....
I wanted to also share what our vegetable garden looks like.....thought you may like to see its progress...Cabbages, beets, and yellow crook neck squash


Tomatoes and peppers

We went to the town meeting last night...they had a contest for the new town seal..Alan had put in a was invited to come for the announcement of the winning is our new
Menifee town seal.....

No, its not his but nevertheless very colorful and does reflect Menifee's rural background..this entire valley was once all farm land and there are still wide open areas. We still have barns, tractors and sheep.....many houses are on large plots of land.
well, that's about all for today....if you want to see what kind of crafts I've been making, please check out my other blog...the link is on the left...or click here