Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Visit with the New Puppies

As I said earlier in the week, the rescue has chihuahua puppies...these two are so cute..tiny less than 1 lb was difficult to get good photos of are the few that came through alright...usually I'd get all focused and another dog would run into the frame...or the puppies would be distracted....Don thinks these two little ones won't be there long...they are just too cute.

The rescue was so busy yesterday...Don didn't have time to even talk with me....he let me in and then had to go help people....which is a good thing...I didn't get to even ask him if these babies are boys or girls....he was going to talk with me after I took the photos but then got called away again..when I went into the small dog area where they were, I sat down on the patio so I could get a good photo (they are so small) all the other little dogs piled on top of me wanting to play..(they have these tiny ones caged off for their protection)...I did play with them for big fluff ball puppy wanted to chew on my camera strap.....

I guess if you want a "puppy" fix or are thinking of adopting a would be good to sit on the small dog patio and enjoy all the "doings"..they can be quite entertaining and better than most reality shows!