Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Update

Our garden is doing fairly well...lots of green tomatoes, and the corn is really taking off, the taller ones are tasseling and a few ears are developing. Its fun to check each day and see what's up. We've taken to watering by save water. Its working out well and each plant gets what it needs..Alan wants to get a drip hose for the beans, as we don't want the bean pods to get wet and turn brown.
Here is the pepper Alan spied yesterday...we checked the other plants but this is the only one so far, although the others have flowers...its supposed to be a yellow pepper.

This is the Japanese Eggplant...I think these plants look a little Star Trek to me.....a little outer space....we've never grown eggplant before and I am not sure what I am going to do with them...any suggestions? I do plan on grilling some..might be tasty, the summer squash we grilled last night were so good....everyone gobbled them up and asked for more. Great way to get kids to eat vegetables.

This is the Butterfly bush we planted last year...the flowers are a deep purple and very pretty...we are getting alot of hummingbirds coming into the yard too and we were told, they like these plants...hope so.

and our Granddaddy giant cabbage is starting to form...I never grew cabbage before either and find it interesting. We stopped putting the sevin dust on as it was killing the bees! I washed it off of everything and just figure we'll keep it as a backup if we get really infested but otherwise live with a few holes. There are still ladybugs throughout the garden to help with aphids.

I think the most inspiring blog that has really encouraged us in our gardening and frugal living is
Rhonda from Down To Earth......she lives in Australia on a acre of land..ours isn't that large...but there are alot of good ideas on her blog for people living in urban areas.
I just subscribed to Mother Earth also who always has good ideas and tips......

Lately we've been getting alot of locksmith calls, thank the Lord and one of the agents on Saturday, told Alan, "The floodgates have opened" meaning there was going to be more foreclosures....thankfully for us, we are getting calls from new homeowners who are buying this homes..Alan has two today....
Our soon to be high school graduate just has to turn a little work in this week and he is done...he hung his graduation gown and cap up in his bedroom and keeps looking at it....I know how he feels, kinda excited and scared......he does have a job lined up for the summer. We have a family friend who we've know since our kids started kindergarden and he's offered to hire Matt....he is a landscaping foreman for golf courses....its hard work that Matt loves..and the work will give him time to figure out what he wants to do. He's never been a great student and we didn't think he'd want college but hope he goes for a technical school one day.