Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week..Bam-Bam

The rescue gets in quite a few chihuahua and chihuahua mixes....I suppose because of the popularity of the movies.. like Beverly Hills Chihuahua.....Bam Bam is about 2 years old, really likes children and people..healthy and ready for his new forever home. He has all his shots and they say he'd make a good guard dog....most chihuahua's don't know how small they are! Lots of personality and easy care....not much in the way of grooming, just a good brushing and a monthly bath......they are sensitive to cold, so its a good excuse to dress them up occasionally....our winters here get very chilly so a nice crocheted sweater or jacket is just the ticket. And although they love the sun, it doesn't love them, they are sensitive to heat stroke..
Chihuahuas live a full 11 to 18 years so Bam Bam has a long life ahead of him.....if you'd live to visit Bam Bam or just check out the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue....just click the link!

Here is the progress of our fig tree experiment...I think its a success...the stick is now a tree with branches..
Those two branches coming off the main "trunk" weren't there a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, I happened to find a box of Miracle Grow plant we treated the garden.. and couldn't believe the difference when we got up this morning...everything seemed like it was twice as big and thriving...guess that is what all the plants I am posted a few photos I took the morning..

I've been busy getting ready for a Christmas in July sale in my etsy shops and have posted some of the things I am working on in my other blog, plus many good links for free needlework and craft patterns, some interesting adsense ads and videos....right now I posted one about a antique knitting machine, I found fascinating but then I am a little weird, I guess...I just love to learn about how people used to live.