Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Surprises

We woke up this morning and found out that our son Donny is in the local paper! You can find the story here
these are the two dogs he has adopted and keeps at the shelter..the larger one is Bruno and the smaller one is Lady...
its a nice photo too of Don and we are very proud of him. Whatta go, Donny!
that was a nice surprise..
Not so nice surprise.....
Ant Attack!...they were all over the dry cat food this morning and trails all through the dining and living room....we will have to get some spray I guess, I am not fond of using poisons but this problem has been going on for several weeks and we've tried all the natural means we know of..
today was the worst yet...not fun to make coffee and find ants in your cup...or sit down a drink for a few minutes and come back to a swarm...they haven't gotten into the food cabinets but its only a matter of time...I have everything in Tupperware so there will be slim pickens for them when they make their way into the cabinets. One year they got into the freezer...odd to find tiny frozen ant bodies in there...what were they thinking? Ice skating on the ice cubes? Snow forts in the frost? Snowants instead of snowmen...