Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

I decided to feature this little guy...he is the same dog that Donny brought home yesterday that was being bottle fed...the rescue is calling him Benji...he needs a home so badly and so darling I don't think he will be there long..if we had not already just adopted Bandit, I would have really liked to have kept this little I said yesterday, he is a toy poodle/chihuahua mix so will be under 10 lbs when full grown. If you live in the Southern Californian area, and are looking for a small dog to love, Benji might be for will find Benji at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
just click for further details, adoption fees, the phone number, etc. They are the only nokill shelter in the Menifee Valley area, donations can be made through Paypal.
Bandit's vet visit was a complete success..she was a good patient, didn't get upset going into the vet's office and cooperated with the doctor...I say this thankfully as the other cat we have is a wild thing and its almost impossible without sedation to get him into the vets.. Bandit is completely healthy and the vet wasn't too alarmed about her weight, she weighs 10 lbs.9 oz.
She's up to date on her shots so we don't need to go back for until next February. She also was tested for feline leukemia and is perfectly healthy. No fleas either!
The Ramona humane society is where we got her, they are a good group and do their best to make sure every animal is given the best opportunity to get a forever home but there are so many. Bandit was there for almost 6 months. and yes, they do put animals to sleep there, but its done reluctantly. We are so glad that they wait for a considerable time for most pets..this is their website, Ramona Humane Society
On another note, Cora from Hidden Riches in Secret Places
is having her second chemo treatment today so please please keep her in prayer...she was very tired and discouraged yesterday....if you can, please leave an encouraging comment on her blog too...this cancer journey is rough.
I have two good videos on my crafting blog today so hope you will head on over there after here.....I am not getting many hits and hope you remember to check it out too....
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