Friday, August 22, 2008

Alan says he wants to pick out our next kitty...we had Boots for 9 years. The boys and I picked him out so I guess its his turn....he saw this beauty online at the humane society and liked her...he likes long hair cats, a little more work keeping her groomed. Not sure if she is the one for us, they have so many cats, it will be hard to choose, and I think its better if the cat chooses you. The good thing is that all the cats have been spayed or neutered, had their shots and are checked out by the vet. They only charge a small fee to cover the vet bills so its a good deal and we will be saving a kitty from a bad end.
Smoky has been lonely, he keeps looking for Boots, checking out his favorite places every day...he is sleeping alot more too and know he's feeling the loss..they were best buddies and often slept together, groomed each other and watched out the windows together. It will take a few days to get used to a different cat but with patience I think he will do just fine...we will keep them separate until the right time.
Our weather has been cooling down...its in the high 80s, and feels like fall...I have been doing some gardening, lots of weeds to the main lawn done and the rose garden..just have to do the upper terraced levels of the retaining wall...Matt mowed the lawn and looks really nice...the photo I posted yesterday with our little charge shows the lawn...I hope fall comes looking forward to cooler weather, aren't you?
Alan was driving to San Diego yesterday and a huge something hit the front of our car...he doesn't know what it was, says it looked like a car bumper almost but it sure made a mess out of the drivers side fender and front bumper when it hit...we are thankful it didn't hit the windshield as Alan would have been hurt...our insurance will cover most of the damage..we just have to pay a small tomorrow I will take the car to the body shop in Lake Elsinore.
Speaking of insurance, we've been blest with the best insurance man in the world...our world anyway, Rich has been our insurance man since we were married...37 years and will probably retire one of these days.....we also have the greatest insurance, Allstate, they've been there for us every time and I can't say enough good stuff about them. We have our homeowners insurance with them too, including earthquake insurance. Donny is with Allstate too under his own plan not ours and they don't rake up high prices because of his age (20).