Sunday, August 24, 2008

We called yesterday to the shelter and they said our kitty was at the Pet Smart so we dropped by there and well, you can see the outcome! Isn't she pretty? At first, Alan wanted to call her Oreo, but after bringing her home, decided on Bandit as she has a little mask over her eyes like Zorro...she hid under a chest we have in the living room most of the afternoon yesterday but is coming out today more and more...Alan just loves her and keeps her on his lap as much as possible...our other cat hissed and wasn't too happy but is tolerating her...I think he will be OK in a day or two. She looks like she must have had an accident with her tail at sometime as its crooked and short...maybe slammed in a door? Ouch!

We were happy to see several dogs were being adopted also, at least 4 while we were there...
the lady said they were getting so many pets coming in that had to be given up because of the foreclosure crisis.....good to see them going to good homes.
We were able to pay all our bills, thank the Lord....just barely made it but we did it...we will have about a weeks grace and then it will start again for September...Alan had meetings this past week with the company who owes us so much...they are getting a new accounting system in and promised they will get in the black with us soon. They were rather shocked when they saw all the previous invoices and realized they owed so much!
It was very warm today, 103...I just checked outside and my little tiny lettuce seedlings were all wilted, I watered and hope they survive but I was taking a chance planting them now...we've had a cool few days so I guess I was hoping it would continue. They are in complete shade but its still warm.
Alan has some good stuff on his blog today, so please check it out.