Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Campbells soup ad has a lot of wisdom in it as well as advertising their soup..."Self-denial, to be effective, must be coupled with wisdom and practical sense"...this was a 1918 ad, a year before my mother was born....notice the soup goes for .12 cents a can.....if you click on the ad, you
can read the text.
I see several of my blogging friends are doing home improvements....I think this is so great...
Linda (Living in Buhl-a-Land) and her husband are doing money saving improvements and have added solar screens to their windows....I had never heard of these and Alan just looked into
them as we have a southeast facing window that morning heat really wrecks havoc in our living room...this might be something we want to do...I know the shade cloth we have put over our patio cover has reduced the heat on the patio by 15% and its quite noticeable when you are under it. We planted our fig tree outside that window,
hoping it will eventually shade that side of the house but as fast as it's growing , it will still be at least another few years before it really will be effective.
Katy, (Country Blossum) and her family are putting new siding on their house and they painted their front door a pretty green....and she has made her front room, porch area a schoolroom as she is planning on homeschooling her children....I love green doors as you know and it makes such a huge difference for little effort. I really like how she has decorated it too with the country stars....
If you've done a home improvement project, let me know and I will mention it here.
Does anyone like primitive embroidery? Aunt Martha's has come out with several new primitive embroidery transfers....if I get enough interest, I will order some for the store....inquiring minds want to know...they are very prim and have cute sayings, would make really nice pillowcases for the prim home....please comment if you are interested.
Tomorrow will be Pet of the Week...and this one little girl will be a real surprise if you've never seen one before, rare, unusual purebred....be sure to check in tomorrow....something special.