Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good morning! I just wanted to announce I reopened my Etsy shop and am stocking it with all sorts of embroidery, cross stitch, crafting pamphlets and books....the button is on the left hand side.
I really like Etsy and if you haven't checked out all the handmade items there, you are in for a treat...with the holidays fast approaching, the state of our economy, and other factors (cheaply made foreign goods), it makes sense to shop handmade here in the states. When I am in a shopping frame of mind, I like to go on Etsy and stroll through the various shops...better than going to the mall, wasting time and gas..I've never been disappointed and only wish I had more funds.
Please check out my other blog also...if you like to embroidery or cross stitch, I am really trying to make it a fun site....I have photos of my latest work, videos,store and crafting news..lots of links for free patterns too...just click on the traveling shoes on the left...