Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing Bobo, an Australian Shepherd mix...he is only a year old, still a puppy in some ways and loves kids...his owners had to give him up as they moved and then new place wouldn't allow dogs...Australian shepherds are great dogs, and his coloring is typical of the breed. They are also
known for their blue eyes...he's an active intelligent dog who with the right training would be a great working dog and family pet.
Bobo can be found at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
We are missing our Boots, especially me as he always used to sit by the computer when I typed..Matt put a wallpaper on my computer of Boots so he is with me in spirit on the computer....we are comforted knowing he is out of suffering and in the arms of our Lord...before he went, I told him to curl around Jesus's feet
Last night, Donny came home with carne asada, tortillas, tomatoes, guacamole...I had some refried beans and shredded some cheese so we had a feast...Matt grilled the beef so I didn't have much to we have great kids or what?