Thursday, August 7, 2008

Road Trip

Alan got an re key order on Tuesday for a foreclosed house in Adelanto, Ca which is outside of Victorville, in the high desert....its a over 70 mile trip one way so I decided to tag along...I was telling Alan, when my dad was stationed in Barstow, it was the big city of the high desert and Victorville was its just the opposite...another town up there called Hesperia, was just a one street with 800 now it has over 30,000...I have a lot of happy memories of the high desert.
The main way to get there is through this pass, The Tejon pass....the interstate through these mountains which are quite dramatic. When we lived up there, we went on the old 395 highway, this 215 wasn't built.

It didn't seem to hot until we got above the pass and hit the desert heat.....I am not sure how hot it was but I know it was over 100 or so...
There was a large dirt bike course on the way to Adelanto, I am glad to see they are containing the dirt you can see, their trails really tear up the desert floor and the desert has a hard time to recover from the carnage.
We were delighted to stop at a Rubios for fish tacos...they are so so good...we used to get them quite often when we lived in Vista but there are no Rubios where we live now, it was a treat. We each ordered two fish tacos.....yummy! It comes with shredded cabbage and a great white sauce..

We made our way to the house and re keyed it....
As everywhere else, the housing slump has hit the desert too...this house was on a corner intersection and out of the other 3 houses on the corners, two were foreclosures.
afterwards we stopped to admire a Joshua tree, they are all over the high desert...this one was blooming and Alan is holding some of the seed pods and blooms..

We got down the mountain, when Alan realized he didn't have his Blue back up we went,praying and speculating on where it would had been in his shirt pocket...we drove into the driveway of the house, there glinting in the sunlight was the blue tooth on the driveway...we were both thanking the Lord and we rewarded ourselves by a stop at the ice cream shop before we went the California has outlawed using cell phones in the car, a Blue Tooth is a necessity.
I noticed no one has commented on Beauty....I understand..she is very unusual and not exactly cute...weird is more the word...but I guarantee you would get a lot of comments when you walked her (with sun block) and her sweet personality makes up for her looks....