Thursday, August 14, 2008

This beautiful lamp was styled, designed and made by my new friend, Julie....isn't this lovely? She has just put posted this and I wanted to share.
Here is the link so you can drool a little more, Julies Prim Antiques
I so admire artists that can do this kind of wonderful work, this is a one of a kind piece that could a real heirloom. In my other blog, I have touched on Victorian decorating and last week had a video on just that subject....the crocheted doily isn't too shabby either, is it? She also has a Duncan Phyfe sofa for sale too.
Our weather is cooling down a bit and is a little humid too...they are saying rain in the mountains...we could use some of the wet stuff here.

The fig tree has so much ripening fruit, we've been giving figs away to the neighbors and eating as many as we can. Does anyone have any fresh fig recipes? I made some pie crust and tried a fig turnover type thing with it, but the dough was too crumbly for easy eating...Alan is in the van so much during the day, I wanted to make something he could just unwrap and eat....any suggestions? I made a good fig filling, using chopped fresh figs, nuts, and splenda, cooking it down which is tasty...just need to figure out what kind of dough would work well...I'd like to make him something like a welsh pasty too, we bought those when we visited England...they were so good.
I've been working on baby hanger covers and have 3 made...have to wash them and then I will post a photo on the other blog as its my embroidery one....if you'd like to see full size one that I've already finished, its here