Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Musings

I only rarely speak about political doings on.......I pray and vote as God leads me and check to see if what I vote for is scriptural when at all possible....
when there are two candidates in an important political race, I look at their records and experience to make my judgement, not age, nor race nor personal charisma fact, I really distrust charisma. There is danger in voting in someone only because of their looks and charisma.
Frankly, I am not too happy with either candidate to the highest office this year....I think Obama is all flashy talk and big promises, he is a good man with no experience.....I think McCain is maverick, a war hero, a good man, a little old perhaps, but with loads of experience.

Who will I vote for?
well....I look at it like this...if I were facing a major surgery...a life/death surgery...which surgeon would I choose? A young intern just out of medical school with 143 days of practice, never done major surgery (who by the way, has a very angry stressed out nurse) or a older surgeon close to retirement with 30+ experience who has done many surgeries? (whose nurse was highly skilled and calm)