Monday, August 4, 2008

This being the dog days of summer, I thought I'd post some vintage ads....I don't have very many but think you will enjoy these.....I sold quite a few at one time on Etsy and Ebay, just have a few left...these were taken from vintage magazines.
Our weather is warm but not as hot as usual for this time of the 90s....and its actually supposed to have some rain.....our poor plants in the garden don't look too well, and the past heat has been very hard on them....this fall, we will have to spruce things up a bit and get our square ft. gardening boxes ready to plant......I think I will plant some turnips as I love to eat them raw as a snack...and Donny wants me to grow green chili's but that may wait until spring.......we can grow vegetables all year round in the boxes. Our tomato plants that we have in a oak barrel on the patio look like they are about spent.....I am thinking of planting some potatoes in the barrel nice to have some little baby ones for thanksgiving.
I am having a special for the last days of the Christmas in July one pamphlet get one free......the sale ends on August 6th.....