Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, Sept. 1

Quiet day here...Donny has been moving stuff out to the dog rescue trailer...he's going to be moving out there for a few months......he has mixed feelings of course, always hard to leave home but he's only about 10 minutes away and can come home any time he wants to....its a good start at independence...he got his raise too and he is saving most of what he makes for the future.
We sprayed outside heavily for the ants and so far haven't seen any in the house today...
I made several salads and we are grilling hot dogs for the holiday...
I decorated the blog a little for the fall, what do you think? Its getting cooler at night here but still warm enough during the day for the AC...from what I've read this winter will be a cold one.

Tomorrow I will be posting some lovely photos that were sent to me by email...kinda special so please be sure to check back...

Little Benji was adopted right away for those who were could anyone resist?
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