Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing Vintage Something Old, Something New

Hi, I wanted to introduce you to Primitively Yours, Jeccica has the cutest and nicest vintage items for any card or crafting needs you may have....she used to sell on Ebay and now is on Etsy....at Vintage Something Old, Something New
She has some things in her store and also has primitive labels, vintage holiday collage sheets, and other good stuff by direct order.
She has done all my address labels and business cards for me for several years, plus I have ordered from her for my Christmas card making, she always has fast shipping plus now can email you directly with her products....+ and here is the best part...her things are quite reasonably priced. What is not to like? So please check her store out...(she also has cute baby onsies for that special grand baby).
I got all my files cleaned out and organized...what a difference! Took quite few hours to do but worth it....Got rid of alot of old useless stuff too, so the computer is happy....
Alan has to go to the San Diego area today for several locksmith jobs....we won't get paid for them until the 15th but that is not too far off...he did get paid yesterday for some old jobs, but its not enough to make our mortgage payment and its going to be late...hard times....I've had to really deal with this as I feel helpless sometimes and that's not a good feeling....I've struggled with the Lord and know He is in control....whatever happens, we know we've done our best and the rest is up to God...