Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

This is Polly...she and her two litter mates were dumped on the side of the road, and found by some kind people. It is unknown what mix she is, or how old but she looks to be about 7-9 weeks....She is such a sweet puppy who needs a family to love her. Her litter mates are Annie and Katie. No dog or puppy deserves to be dumped on such a way, these puppies were fortunate to be found and rescued.

This is Annie

Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue is the only non kill rescue in the Menifee Valley.If you are interested in Polly, Annie or Katie, please give the nice people at the rescue at call at 951-679-6444.
They do wonderful work and have found homes for over 500 puppies and dogs in the last year. My son has been working at the rescue for almost 3 years and finds it very rewarding.

This is Katie..
They accept any donations, pet supplies, old blankets (nights can get cold), food, etc. Volunteers are always welcomed.
Good News! My son informs me that they will soon be accepting Paypal donations!