Monday, June 23, 2008

Pillowcases in my Store

I am listing these pre-stamped pillowcases in my store as I really don't need 3 similar sets....these are very pretty with a circle of flowers around the lady with ribbons and an easy pattern if you are a novice...mainly outline, lazy daisy, and few French knots. These pillowcases have a perle edge so no lace is needed unless you want to add it. The fabric is 180 thread count cotton blend. It washes well and needs little ironing...I always iron my pillowcases. They look so nice, ironed and neatly folded on the linen shelf.
This is the next set of cases I am working on.

After I get finished with this set. I will be about caught up with everything. I plan on working on the baby quilt and have an idea for another one, using embroidered circus animals and then ragging the solid blocks...may or may not work as I haven't done ragging before. My problem in quilting as that there are NO
yardage stores here at all and the closest JoAnns is a round trip of 50 miles. The Walmart has a selection not a great one.

Its a little cooler today, in the 90s, and that's a relief...some of our potted plants didn't do well...mainly the petunias which isn't a surprise as they are more a spring perennial...