Friday, June 13, 2008

Two New Features

I added two new widgets at the bottom of my blog...first is the One Year Bible reading plan I use, and secondly, a language translator for my overseas friends......

I know I post a lot about our gardens, crafting, recipes, etc. but first and foremost is my relationship to God and His Word....this Bible reading plan is a very good one, I've used several bible study plans in the past but this has worked the best for me.
God's Word is alive and brings life.

The translator is good just click on your nations flag and this blog will translate into that language...I have a lovely young friend from Brazil who speaks Portugese I met through blogging and now she can read this blog in her own cool is that?

Also as you can see, I have a small banner about praying for the persecuted many of my brothers and sisters in Christ suffer on a daily basis for their faith. If you want to hear news of this, click on the top Worthy News button on top left...and please pray for them.