Friday, June 6, 2008

Here is our front door, with the little welcome that I won from Vicky on her giveaway...still haven't found a black hook but it looks good anyway...the boys noticed it last night and Matt said he loved the Sweet Annie scent...
the oil painting is one I found at an estate sale, we all really like it, reminds us of going to the California redwoods...
I took all the embroidery out of the one pillowcase and am starting over, I decided to make it in pastel soft colors......this pillowcase is of a pretty lady with a full skirt, the skirt ruffles are the edge of the case....I tried to take a photo but it just doesn't show up well but here is a photo of the little butterfly I am working on that is above her on the left.

I am going through my embroidery and cross stitch books, and have a few in my store....I've bought so many over the years and can't possibly use them all so perhaps someone else will enjoy them. I also have many Aunt Martha embroidery transfers I am selling too....two I found are rather old, they originally sold for .29 cents.....they are Days of the Week, one of kittens and the other is pixies. I found these at an estate sale too.

I am asking for prayer for my dear friend, Cora, from Hidden Riches in Secret Places..she is having some serious health issues, I won't go into detail for her privacy but please pray for her.
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